Monday, February 1, 2010

Friend Making Monday

I am linking up again with Amber at for her friend making Monday.  I love her question this week.  You can click on the button to link up.
Today's Question: What Inspired You?
I love this question because I love to be inspired.  I think life is a journey of growth.  I love that who I am today will not be who I am in a couple of months or and even better in a year.  We are an evolution of God's grace as he shapes and growes us.  Just the thought of that inspires me.  I want to surround myself with people that sharpen me.  Just like the bible says as Iron Sharpens Iron.  I want to be around people that encourage me and inspire me to be a better me. 
Right now I am inspired by my weekly Mary Kay meetings.  I am challenged to think bigger, continue to dream and strive to reach bigger goals than I ever thought possible.  I have also learned to face failure positively and accept the lessons learned in the process. The world can be a negative place and most people have forgotten to dream or even goal set anymore.  I love that I have a place to go every week that celebrates my victories and encourages me back from disapointments.  Plus, where else do get a crown for being queen of sales? The sisterhood that I feel there is like no other.
I was inspired to finally draw the line in the sand and lose the weight I have been trying to lose since having my last child(who will be 3 in May) by my sister in-law Jenny.  She has really worked hard to lose weight. Then when   we were all in her sister's wedding back in the fall she looked so good in the dress.  I came home that next day and started my diet.  My Mary Kay director, who has also coached and inspired me and put me on a plan.  I have lost 18 pounds since November 1st. (Well more since I put back on five over the holidays and lost it again)  Teresa says that you should not be depressed about anything that you have the power to change.  I have been ispired by reading the Eat Clean Diet.  I finished it last night. It has inspired me to eat better not just for weight loss but for overall health.  I cleaned out the pantry and have taken on making my kids eat cleaner too.  I am a "sugarholic" and my kids were taught some very bad eating habits.  I threw out all of the processed food, sugar cerials, poptarts, icecream, and sugar juices.  It has not been easy but I want to protect their long term relationship with food and have healthier kids.  This book is a very easy read and very practicle. 
The last thing right now that I am ispired by is my walk with the Lord.  What I am discovering in my word, at church and just with this journey that Darin and I have lived these last few years.  God has a plan.  It may not be my plan or how I invisioned it but He is incontrol.  I have less freak out moments these days over things because it is just a waste of time.  When there are things I can't change, God  is in controll, and I get to enjoy the journey. 
I will close with this video.  The story of Michael Phelps, a couple of  years ago, winning the 8 gold medals really inspired me.  He had a goal of winning 8 golds to break the record and he entered 8 races.  Not only was that a lot of races to compete in but, it left no room for 1 single loss. Some of those races were not solo races either.  He had to depend on his team.  I am one that always want to leave room for error.  I don't like things coming down to the wire, I want them done early.  I want room for error or I am a nervous mess.  I hate having to depend on other to help me.  I can only controll me and it is hard to inlist others in your dreams at times.  This story really insprired me to throw it all over the line.  What did Michel have to really lose if he went home with 7 golds and not 8? He tied the record and did not beat it.  Even winning one gold medal is more than most will do in a life time.  So what if he shot and missed. But he didn't.  What if we really went after what God was calling us to do?  What if we really threw ourselves into something?  We always ask, "What if it doesn't work out?" "What if I fail?" But, what about asking ourselves, "What if we win?"  Think about the thrill of the accomplishment and the victory. Wow! I am excited now!  Happy Monday!


Sara said...

Congrats on losing 18 pounds!!! I have been wanting to read the clean diet book, I hear it's really good. Were also trying to eat healthy and cut sugar. It is hard cause I also am a huge sugar nut

Have a great week

Sandy said...

This is a beautiful post!!! I am so glad to have you as a new "friend" through Friend Makin' Monday! I am a pastor's and youth pastor's sister.
I may have to find that Clean Diet book. My 16 year old son read Gary Smalley's book, Food and Love, and has been "eating clean" ever since and I need to join him!
I'll be back.

Jenn said...

Nice to meet you, Cingrats on the weight loss. Happy FMM.

Everwys said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! no I'm not a youth minister, but I am on our church's youth staff, just volunteering! Best wishes with your inspirations! :)

Girly Stuff said...

You are an inspiration as well.