Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday 10 List Late-My Favorite TV Moms

Yes to all you detail people I am late with the Friday list but my Friday was a whirlwind of and I did not stop until I dropped at 10 pm that night. It is crazy in the Koenig house right now. I dedicate this week to my favorite TV moms in honor of Mother's Day. Feel free to add any I forgot.

1. My favorite TV mom and the one I most relate to is Deborah Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. I feel like I parent the most like her and see myself the most in her.

2. Loralie Gilmore is one of my favorite TV moms from Gilmore Girls. I loved the friendship that her and Rorie have and their close relationships. I want that for my girls.

3. Donna Reed I love her prettiness and famine ways as she handled the day to day things of running a house and family.

4. Claire Huxstable from the Cosby show. She was a career woman who still nurtured her children and handled everything thorough style and grace. She was a fun mom too.

5. Jill Taylor from Home Improvement. She was such a good mom to boys and loved her husband through all of his craziness.

6. The mom from 7th Heaven. She was a pastor's wife who handled her kids with grace and wisdom. She let did her best to protect them from the stereo type of "Pastor's Kids".

7. June Cleaver because I love her dresses and how she was not phased by the boys in her life.

8. Ms. Cunningham from Happy Days.

9. The mom from that 70's show. I love her laugh and how she respects and loves Red the hard nose dad.

10. June Jetson and Willma Flintsone. They both were so cute and had the cutest laugh. I want their figures. Lol

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Confessions

It is that time again of the week where I bare my soul for the world to read (or the few people who follow my blog) my flawed self. It has been a whirl wind of a week. From Swineflu causing school to be out and winning our first Mary Kay car there has been a lot of things that have been left undone and crazy in our household. Here is the run down.

1. I hate to confess that I REALLY had to adjust to Dalton being home from school expectantly this week. I love my kids but man it flipped our house upside down and my older two have done nothing but fight. Darin and I had to lay down the law with them today and get some new systems worked out quickly.

2. It is very sad how quickly not having to get up at 6:30 and have an early bed time we adjusted our schedules. We have been going to bed way too late and sleeping in to late in the mornings.

3. We have been out of toilet paper in the house for two days and I have not gone to the store yet because I was trying to wait until Monday which is my grocery day. We have been using baby wipes if you must know. If we lived closer to my parents I would have sent the kids in to get one.

4. Madie turned two on Saturday and I must confess I was not sad at all that my baby was not a baby anymore. The idea of getting her potty trained and a little less impulsive and getting into things is an exciting thought.

5. The two days I was wrapping up car production the dishes in the sink over flowed and it took running two loads to get it all done.

6. I must confess I had a not so nice conversation on the car ride to church about the dishes. (Which I know better than to do on the way to church.) Then the pastor actually said, "Husbands if you want your wife to know you love her try showing her by washing the dishes." He did them right after lunch. See going to church does add practical value to your life.

7. I have stayed up way to late blogging this week after the kids went to bed. I have to do better about managing my time this week.

8. Saturday night we went to dinner to take Madie out with my parents for her birthday and I was feeling pretty cute in my little red shirt and red flats as I pranced out to my newly bright and shinny cleaned out car. Only to slip in the middle of the parking lot and fall flat on my rear end in front of the entire parking lot. My sweet husband made sure I was ok before he laughed.

9. Tonight my 4 year old Brighton informed me that her baby is sick and in bed. She said that her baby was throwing up because she has the Swine Flu.

10. I went 7 whole days last week with out chocolate because my bible study asked us to give up something we love to eat for a week. To reward myself I ate 7 days worth of chocolate on the 8th day.

John preached a great message today again in John 21 on Peter. It was about when Peter faced Jesus after denying him. In Luke Jesus tells Peter when he predcits Peter's denail. " Simon Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back strengthen your brothers." Luke 22:31. It is not if we fail but when we fail and how respond to it. I remember that yesterday is over, I am forgiven and tomorrow is a new day. I confess that I am seeking Jesus more than I seek perfection these days but it is not as easy I thought it was.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Madie is 2

Has it really been two years since this little surprise came into our lives? Time has flown by. The fact that life is full of three kids now and huge messes that she leaves there has not been much time for breathing. Let me take you back to a little over two years ago as I watched the faint pink lines form on the pregnancy test. I stared at in disbelief as the shock set in. We moved to this new place to start a church. Brighton was 20 months old and fully weaned. Dalton was four and half and very independent. I could breath a little and I was looking forward to a new adventure of life. Darin stood in silence waiting to see my reaction with his own mixed emotions. I called my mother in the middle of the day and told the secretary to put me through to my mom's class telling her it was a minor emergency. I cried telling her my unplanned and shocking news. She just laughed out loud and was excited. I repeated the same thing to my sister-in-laws
Jenny and Lynne and got similar reactions. Over the next 9 months the initial shock began to settle. I got a little more excited when I found out it was a girl. I cried when they told me it was a girl. Planning would be much easier with two little girls that were close in age. Plus we were set on a girl's name more than a boy's. We were having a Madison Rae. After 9 months of a hard pregnancy and 6 months of morning sickness at last the day arrived when we were being induced. Darin and my two sister-in-laws Jenny and Stephanie went to the hospital early Wednesday morning at 4:30 a.m. to be induced at Methodist in San Antonio. Jenny is a labor and delivery nurse and was my coach. She helped me have Madison with no drugs. I have always had short labors but having no epidural made it even faster and she came with no pushes and before the doctor made it in the room. Once she was out the world looked and felt so much better. I had the sweetest little girl in the world and our family felt complete. I instantly bonded with her. She was the cuddliest little things and I loved holding her. She was a chubby little baby and Brighton gave her the nick name "Smooshy Pooh". Over the first year of her little life I had a calm, mild mannered sweet compliant little baby. Whose big blue eyes and full faced grin lit my heart. Dalton and Brighton loved to entertain her and make her laugh. Then she started to walk and our lives changed. Over the second year we got to see her little personality come out more and more. At 13 months she started walking to keep up with other two. Madie has never been one to be left out of what her older siblings are doing.
But she waited for 18 months before she started to talk. Then all of the sudden we got to hear her chatter about everything. Once Madie started walking nothing in the house was safe. She is our live little version of Curious George. The most meddlesome, destructive thing that is so cute at the same time. I have spent the last year rescuing glass, cleaning up shredded what ever she found to play with. All the markers are thrown away and my carpet will never be the same. Ms. Madie Rae also hates to wear clothes. One morning a couple of weeks ago I went to get her after nap out of her bed and discovered her proudly standing in her bed and she announced "I naked!" I looked down to see the pile of clothes and diaper thrown on the floor in front of her crib. We thought she was going to potty train at 18 months but it was too hard to keep her from playing in the toilet and flushing things down it so all bathroom doors had to remain shut and she refused to use the baby potty because Brighton doesn't. Madie is still the most loving child. She greets everyone that comes over with a huge hug. She kisses easily and is nurturing and motherly. She loves all of her babies. She kisses them goodnight and puts them in their beds. She loves stuffed animals, her favorite is her pink elephant, Ellie. Madie is also a girly girl who plays dress up, carried and purse and loves her pink cell phone. She has added a whirlwind of excitement to our family and I am still adjusting to having three. I can't wait to see how she changes this next year.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 10 List- How to Kill Time While Waiting Out the Swine Flu

I came home from my Mary Kay meeting late Tuesday night to the sounds of kids voices and the T.V. on. I was mad that they were still up way past their bed time. Darin informed me that school was closed until the 11th of May due to Swine flu. Then we hear on the news that everything is shut down. What do you do with three kids when the park is closed, the YMCA pool is shut down, library is closed and it is raining outside? So, I dedicate my top 10 list to how you pass time in a crisis like this.

1. Break up a morning fight over who controls the television. You see Dalton is usually at school and Brighton has her routine of what she likes to watch in the mornings. Isn't is just like a man to come home and take the T.V. controls? (I kid Darin does not do that.)

2. Printed out coloring pictures and art projects for them to do. Then took the marker from the two year old who wanted to color everything but the paper.

3. Daddy took them to grandparents house in Wimberly because there is no swine flu there right? While Mommy finished her month in Mary Kay. They fell asleep in the car on the way home and did not want to go back to sleep at normal time.

4. Break up another fight over a light saber fight that turned into a fist fight. Light sabers are gathered and put in time out. No more Jedi training for a little while.

5. Jumped on the trampoline with the kids, to keep them from double bouncing the two year old who would not stay off.

6. Got pizza and rented a movie from Red box that was scratched and would not finish playing. I also forgot to take it back. Now I have paid two dollars for a movie we did not get to watch.

7. Darin sent them outside to play, with a time limit of of how long they had to stay outside before they were allowed back in to watch TV. This was so I take the last orders to win my MK car. When I came down stairs Brighton was ready to tell on daddy. "Mommy, Daddy was being so mean to us. He would not let us come inside!"

8. Tried to explain to Dalton that when his sister is screaming "leave me alone," and "get off" when he is pinning her down, that she is not enjoying the wrestling match anymore. Then tried to convince Brighton to quit starting things that would end the same way again.

9. Tried to convince Dalton that yes, he is out of school but that we still need to read for 20 minutes every day.

10. Finally, after taking a friend's advise I broke down got the Spiderman slip-n-slide out and put them all in their swim suits to play in the front yard while I cleaned out my car. But, had to stop and break up a fight on whose turn it was to go and get the two year old off so the other two could go.

This Swine flu vacation has been a real "treat" for the moms who were not expecting it this week. I have got to make a game plan for summer vacation. I love my kids but man this has been a tough week on behavior.