Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday 10 List Late-My Favorite TV Moms

Yes to all you detail people I am late with the Friday list but my Friday was a whirlwind of and I did not stop until I dropped at 10 pm that night. It is crazy in the Koenig house right now. I dedicate this week to my favorite TV moms in honor of Mother's Day. Feel free to add any I forgot.

1. My favorite TV mom and the one I most relate to is Deborah Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. I feel like I parent the most like her and see myself the most in her.

2. Loralie Gilmore is one of my favorite TV moms from Gilmore Girls. I loved the friendship that her and Rorie have and their close relationships. I want that for my girls.

3. Donna Reed I love her prettiness and famine ways as she handled the day to day things of running a house and family.

4. Claire Huxstable from the Cosby show. She was a career woman who still nurtured her children and handled everything thorough style and grace. She was a fun mom too.

5. Jill Taylor from Home Improvement. She was such a good mom to boys and loved her husband through all of his craziness.

6. The mom from 7th Heaven. She was a pastor's wife who handled her kids with grace and wisdom. She let did her best to protect them from the stereo type of "Pastor's Kids".

7. June Cleaver because I love her dresses and how she was not phased by the boys in her life.

8. Ms. Cunningham from Happy Days.

9. The mom from that 70's show. I love her laugh and how she respects and loves Red the hard nose dad.

10. June Jetson and Willma Flintsone. They both were so cute and had the cutest laugh. I want their figures. Lol


Foursons said...

Brett Butler in Grace Under Fire. I loved her sarcastic sense of humor! *shock*

Nocona said...

Oh I forgot the mom from Little House on the Prairie.