Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 10 List- How to Kill Time While Waiting Out the Swine Flu

I came home from my Mary Kay meeting late Tuesday night to the sounds of kids voices and the T.V. on. I was mad that they were still up way past their bed time. Darin informed me that school was closed until the 11th of May due to Swine flu. Then we hear on the news that everything is shut down. What do you do with three kids when the park is closed, the YMCA pool is shut down, library is closed and it is raining outside? So, I dedicate my top 10 list to how you pass time in a crisis like this.

1. Break up a morning fight over who controls the television. You see Dalton is usually at school and Brighton has her routine of what she likes to watch in the mornings. Isn't is just like a man to come home and take the T.V. controls? (I kid Darin does not do that.)

2. Printed out coloring pictures and art projects for them to do. Then took the marker from the two year old who wanted to color everything but the paper.

3. Daddy took them to grandparents house in Wimberly because there is no swine flu there right? While Mommy finished her month in Mary Kay. They fell asleep in the car on the way home and did not want to go back to sleep at normal time.

4. Break up another fight over a light saber fight that turned into a fist fight. Light sabers are gathered and put in time out. No more Jedi training for a little while.

5. Jumped on the trampoline with the kids, to keep them from double bouncing the two year old who would not stay off.

6. Got pizza and rented a movie from Red box that was scratched and would not finish playing. I also forgot to take it back. Now I have paid two dollars for a movie we did not get to watch.

7. Darin sent them outside to play, with a time limit of of how long they had to stay outside before they were allowed back in to watch TV. This was so I take the last orders to win my MK car. When I came down stairs Brighton was ready to tell on daddy. "Mommy, Daddy was being so mean to us. He would not let us come inside!"

8. Tried to explain to Dalton that when his sister is screaming "leave me alone," and "get off" when he is pinning her down, that she is not enjoying the wrestling match anymore. Then tried to convince Brighton to quit starting things that would end the same way again.

9. Tried to convince Dalton that yes, he is out of school but that we still need to read for 20 minutes every day.

10. Finally, after taking a friend's advise I broke down got the Spiderman slip-n-slide out and put them all in their swim suits to play in the front yard while I cleaned out my car. But, had to stop and break up a fight on whose turn it was to go and get the two year old off so the other two could go.

This Swine flu vacation has been a real "treat" for the moms who were not expecting it this week. I have got to make a game plan for summer vacation. I love my kids but man this has been a tough week on behavior.


Foursons said...

This is a great one! Now edit it starting w/the title and do spell-check. Just kidding-kinda. But really, love the ideas.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a very fun and eventful day. LOL! I am in the middle of teaching a two year old and a three year old the same as your number 8. Funny how things are similar when you have more than one child. :) I want to back to having one child. :) (In three three months and counting). :)

Nocona said...

There was not many spelling to fix. Just a couple of touch ups. My brain is fried.
11. Gather up a box of toys that were not picked up when I asked them to clean their rooms and the toy room. They came down and told me it was clean. There was a trail of tears all the way to the garage when I carried them out.

Foursons said...

Love #11! The way you wrote these is different than you normally do. You are story-telling in this post. I like it.

Foursons said...

I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog!