Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Confessions

It is that time again of the week where I bare my soul for the world to read (or the few people who follow my blog) my flawed self. It has been a whirl wind of a week. From Swineflu causing school to be out and winning our first Mary Kay car there has been a lot of things that have been left undone and crazy in our household. Here is the run down.

1. I hate to confess that I REALLY had to adjust to Dalton being home from school expectantly this week. I love my kids but man it flipped our house upside down and my older two have done nothing but fight. Darin and I had to lay down the law with them today and get some new systems worked out quickly.

2. It is very sad how quickly not having to get up at 6:30 and have an early bed time we adjusted our schedules. We have been going to bed way too late and sleeping in to late in the mornings.

3. We have been out of toilet paper in the house for two days and I have not gone to the store yet because I was trying to wait until Monday which is my grocery day. We have been using baby wipes if you must know. If we lived closer to my parents I would have sent the kids in to get one.

4. Madie turned two on Saturday and I must confess I was not sad at all that my baby was not a baby anymore. The idea of getting her potty trained and a little less impulsive and getting into things is an exciting thought.

5. The two days I was wrapping up car production the dishes in the sink over flowed and it took running two loads to get it all done.

6. I must confess I had a not so nice conversation on the car ride to church about the dishes. (Which I know better than to do on the way to church.) Then the pastor actually said, "Husbands if you want your wife to know you love her try showing her by washing the dishes." He did them right after lunch. See going to church does add practical value to your life.

7. I have stayed up way to late blogging this week after the kids went to bed. I have to do better about managing my time this week.

8. Saturday night we went to dinner to take Madie out with my parents for her birthday and I was feeling pretty cute in my little red shirt and red flats as I pranced out to my newly bright and shinny cleaned out car. Only to slip in the middle of the parking lot and fall flat on my rear end in front of the entire parking lot. My sweet husband made sure I was ok before he laughed.

9. Tonight my 4 year old Brighton informed me that her baby is sick and in bed. She said that her baby was throwing up because she has the Swine Flu.

10. I went 7 whole days last week with out chocolate because my bible study asked us to give up something we love to eat for a week. To reward myself I ate 7 days worth of chocolate on the 8th day.

John preached a great message today again in John 21 on Peter. It was about when Peter faced Jesus after denying him. In Luke Jesus tells Peter when he predcits Peter's denail. " Simon Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back strengthen your brothers." Luke 22:31. It is not if we fail but when we fail and how respond to it. I remember that yesterday is over, I am forgiven and tomorrow is a new day. I confess that I am seeking Jesus more than I seek perfection these days but it is not as easy I thought it was.


Crystal said...

#3, #8 and #9...- Funny!!!! I am so with you on #4. I am wanting to start potty training Nate in June. YAY for YOU! #10!!!!! Good on you for not eating chocolate!!!! I love these confessions.

Margaret said...

Love #10 that is so me as well! LOL

Foursons said...

#6- God is soooo good!
#7- Me too! It's making me exhausted!
#10- I gave cookies and binged on them yesterday and intend to bake some more today. I have done so well and really deserve a treat!