Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Top 10- My Favorite Memories from Childhood

1. Day with Daddy- On the Saturday before or after our birthdays we got to spend the day with our dad. We got to pick where we ate, what we did and then pick out our birthday present from him. One year I got to go pick out the beautiful pink and grey 10 speed bike I had wanted for a while. Another year it was a new baseball glove and hot pink and teal bat that I still have. We did this until I was in Jr. High.

2. Shopping Trips with my Mom- Every hunting season when my brothers got old enough to go with my dad, mom and I would go shopping. We took trips to Barton Creek for new outfits, going to girl movies and eating at Hong Kong restaurant in San Marcos. Even after I was married and Darin would go hunting with them we would have girl Saturdays.

3. Granny & Pa's Farm- I had three of my great grandparents until I was in College. I grew up going to Granny and Pa's farm in Star, Texas. The excitement of driving to their house grew as we turned off the paved road to the dirt country road, counting the 11 cattle guards that it took to get there. I loved sitting on the big iron gate singing to the sheep as the sun would set on hot summer days. I will never forget the peacefulness of waking up in the mornings to the cool breeze blowing through the open window and the sound of sheep bleating in the morning. The mixture of the wet dew outside on the ground and the smell of Granny cooking breakfast in the morning was the best aroma to wake up with.

4. The Coast Roller Skating Rink- Every Saturday you could skate for hours at the roller rink in San Marcos. I had several birthday parties there. I loved to roller skate when I was a kid. I remember saving all my money so I could buy my own fancy skates. They were beautiful and looked like the one the girl wore on the cover of American Graffiti. Classic 50's style white with a jet black bottom and hot pink wheels. (I still have them too.) We would skate round and round to "Hey Mickey" and "Walk Like an Egyptian." As I got a little older the best was the couples skate to Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now."

5. Kinder winning the Talent Show for the young division. I dressed up like little Orphan Annie (red wig and all) and belted out "Tomorrow" with microphone in one hand and my other hand on my hip.

6. Highland Lakes- Children's camp every summer in August was the absolute highlight of the summer. From third grade until a Sr. in Highschool I had the best time at those camps. Color teams battling it out and learning the heart of worship each night at church. I have some of the sweetest memories and good friends made there. One of the bridesmaids from my wedding was a beautiful blond I met in third grade from Lockhart. Farrah and I would see each year at camp until we were old enough to drive and then we both ended up at UMHB together.

7. Playing in the back Yard with Stevie and Shane. Imaginations ran will as we had our own little world in our back yard. Or playing baseball on the side of the house until we hitting baseballs to hard for the neighbors comfort and we had to play wiffel ball.

8. Playing Barbies in my room. I could play barbies for hours by myself. It was one of the hardest parts of growing up and knowing that I could not do that any more. Even as a 7th grader I would put pillows in my windows on summer afternoons so none of my friends could catch me if they decided to drop by.

9. Swimming at the Aquarina Pool- We had a membership at the Aquarina pool each summer and they had the best diving board and biggest pool. Outdoing my brother on the best dives was a blast. (I won because I could do a handstand off the end of the board.)

10. My Cabbage Patch Birthday Party- My mom threw the most creative birthday parties on a shoestring budget. The Cabbage Patch one was the best. It was girlie and we all had our dolls with us. She made a backdrop for our heads to stick through where we were the cabbage patch doll and each girl got a copy of their picture with a pink plastic frame as a take home gift. My Aunt Cheryl also came and I thought that was the best.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dalton's Thoughs on the Bible

This is a story that happened this summer. It is one of my favorites of Dalton.

Dalton was recently baptised and got his first bible. A cool Hermie the Wormie Bible. This week I started doing a daily devotion with him during their nap time and the things he comes up with have to be written down he is so funny and the way his mind works is cute.

Monday 8/4/08- After telling him what we were going to do he says, "I know one thing the bible says, Daddy told me." Then pointing his one finger up like he is going to say something profound he says "Men should not dress up in women's clothes." This was in response to him wearing his sister's Cinderella dress and blond wig because all of his Super Hero costumes were in timeout. After reading Genisis chapter 1 where we talked about God creating "all the kinds of animals" he asks "Why did God say they were all kind animals when some animals are wild and will eat you. That is not kind."

Tues. 8/5/08- Gensis 2 Naming all the animals and the creation of man and woman these were his comments."Why did the man not give the animals real people names?""How did the man get his house built if God had not created the construction workers yet?""If man and woman got married and there were no other people created yet then who married them and who were the bridesmaids?"When the last sentence was read," and they were naked and with out shame."Dalton giggled and said "Well they need to put some clothes on." Then I asked him if he wanted to draw a picture of what we read today like he did yesterday. He said, very seriously, "No because I would have to draw man and woman naked and I am a good drawer and would not want to get in touble for being inappropriate."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8 List

Jenny tagged me and so here is my 8 list (Thank goodness for my DVR)
8 Shows I watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. House
3. Phych
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Phineas & Ferb (Kids favorite show that I can tolerate)
6. Suit Life of Zack & Cody (Every day after school with the Dalton)
7. the Soup on Sat. Mornings
8. Corner Gas with Darin

8 Restaurants I love

1. Johnny Carino's
2. Clear Springs
3. Fork & Spoon
4. Olive Garden
5. Texican
6. The New Chinese place in San Marcos (Can't remember the name. No comments on that)
7. Gristmil
8. Mamacita (love the green sauce)

8 Things that Happened Today It is only 1 in the afternoon so not a lot yet

1. Dalton got off to school with out a hitch today
2. Brighton threw a fit while I was trying to fix her hair
3. Madie took a poopy diaper off and I had a mess to clean up.
4. Went to Life Way in San Antonio with Darin
5. Ate lunch at Whataburger (have not done that in a while)
6. Got ready for my Mk parties and facials this week
7. Listened to Rush on the radio and got fired up

8 Things I look forward to:
1. My birthday and costume party coming up
2. Driving my pink Caddy & directing my own unit
3. Looking good in a bathing suit this summer
4. My kids being more independent
5. Being Debt free
6. All the fun girly things my girls and I are going to do as they get bigger
7. Seeing all of my kids personalities develop and what they will be good at at and take interest in
8. Darin being full time at the church and the Journey being self supporting and thriving

8 Things I Wish For (or pray & work for because wishing is for wienies who hope and don't strive)

1. My 18 year old body and frame of mind back
2. The Journey Church to succeed to where I don't have to worry so much
3. More Patience with my kids and to be a better mom
4. To not be so scatter brained
5. A clean house that stays clean
6. An amazing trip to somewhere beautiful with Darin
7. A Disney vacation with the kids before they get to big to really believe that some of it real
8. A personal assistant that keeps me organized

8 Songs I just listened to

1. Upside Down-Jack Johnson (the girls were watching Curious George in the car)
2. Don't Go Breakin My Heart- Elton John )Brighton wanted to sing it
3. 100 years- Five for Fighting
4. Supermassive Black Hole-Muse (my new favorite work out song)
5. You Want to Make a Memory- Bon Jovi
6. The Twilight sound track because it is my new CD in my car
7. Let It Rise- Big Daddy Weave (trying to get the ring tone on my I phone)
8. I'm A Believer- Smash Mouth

8 Movies I love
1. Gone with the Wind
2. The Notebook
3. Steel Magnolia's
4. Yaya Sisterhood
5. Lord of the Rings (all three)
6. Twilight (my newest favorite)
7. Star Wars (I loved all of them)
8. P.S. I Love You

8 People I tag
Jenny H
anyone else that wants to do it

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Apologies to George & Laura Bush

I try to really go into my opinions on facebook because I probably can't handle them being publicly rejected or questioned. I also try not point out to people how we disagree but concentrate on the ideas we can connect on. I feel I safer on my own person blog and I wanted to take a moment to give my opinion on our former president and first lady George and Laura Bush. I wish I could just meet them one time and tell him how sorry I am about how disrespected I think he has been treated in the last year. I would tell him how proud I am of his profession of Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior when ever he got the chance. I would love just once to be in the presence of such a graceful lady who stood silently by her husband with a quiet strength and never lost the twinkle in her eyes when she smiled. Weather you agree with his politics or not, I feel the office of president holds a level of respect and of lines that should not be crossed. When Obama was elected we had a conversation with our children about it the next morning and my 6 year old son made the statement, "Man, Obama won. I don't like him. He does not listen to Jesus." Darin explained to him that we should accept what has happened, respect him as our president and pray for him. I hope that I would be as outraged as I was when the shoe was thrown at president Bush if the same thing happened to President Obama. How can we expect other nations to give our dignitaries the proper respect when we don't here in the USA? It just makes me sad that everything that has happened to our country has been scapegoated on one man who is an easy target and did not cause most of it. Do I totally agree with our position in the war right now? I am not sure, nor do I think that I am in a position to make that judgement call because I don't understand all the facts around the war. But if our soldiers who are fighting the war and have seen if first hand agree and support Bush's decision then who am I to have an opinion about it. I will get off my soap box. My father would laugh at me now. I use to think that his ultra conservatism just was because he was an old baptist decon. As a freshman in high school while watching Rush Limbaugh with him one night I made such a statement. He laughed and said I would be way more conservative by the time I was his age if this is who I watched at 15. The opinions of one generation has pasted onto another when my three year old stated that she would be voting for Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity for president. You know I think they would have gotten my vote too. But, back to my original post. I just wanted to take a moment to express my support, admiration and gratefulness for the job that George W. Bush has done for this nation. I only wish I could tell him that in person.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Darin

I just have to take a few minutes to stop and recognize my man. I love my husband and have been really seeking the Lord for him these last 4 years. Wow, has it really been 4 years. Our journey started on a day when life as we had known it came to an end. God ripped the security blanket we had been clinging to off in a sudden movement, and has been guiding us ever since. The sting of the memory of the night Darin was fired from his first pastorate has faded a little. Although the scars are not completely healed. I will never forget the sound of his voice and the hurt in his eyes, as he came down to the nursery where the kids and I were waiting for him, and choked out the words. The sense of rejection that fell over us like a cloud was heavy and harsh. It's not that we did not see it coming. It had been brewing for months and I just wanted to finish the pregnancy before we lost our insurance. But all along I kept waiting for God to move and to rescue us. I never truly believed that it would come down to Darin being fired. I watched over the next six months as Darin started to process of becoming a church planter and trying to find a secular job to sustain us in the interim time. Still living with my parents Darin chopped trees for people, rode a bike for Schlitterbahn and worked for his dad. The secular world really did not recognize his Master's in Divinity and pastoring as real life experience. I prayed that God would pull him out of the depression I saw him slipping into. He was hungry for acceptance and guidance as he walked this road. Through a highschool acquaintance he was able to get a job at Whataburger as a manager to allow us to get back on our feet. He worked 70 hour weeks for 18 months. Most days sleeping during the day and working the early bird shift all night long. We hardly saw him and he rarely made it to church with me on Sundays. He was withdrawing further inside himself and the purple under his tired eyes were growing deeper. Other minister's didn't understand why he was doing this. He had a Seminary degree and he was well connected. He could pick up the phone and have another pastorate in Texas whenever he wanted. But that was not his calling and he knew it. We stood firm on what we believed God had called us to even when nothing was falling into place. I knew Darin doubted himself but he never doubted his God and he kept on going. Darin sought other minister's out for encouragement and some spoke words over him but none connected. It is a sad reality when minister's can really show vulnerability with each other and areas of weakness because they will lose face and cause speculation on "their calling". The day came when we were finally placed on the field here in New Braunfels and we thought we had "arrived." He had such high ideals and expectations of how the ministry of the Journey Church was going to be. His mentor had him created in his own image of "how things were to be run if you want to be successful in church planting." Darin diligently followed and modeled himself completely. A year and half into our church and things were not well. We had struggled since day one in this new field and did not know what to do. Darin became shell shocked and so afraid of making a mistake that he did nothing. He jumped from one idea to another and was lost. After I got over the initial frustrated and fear of this failing too I began to seek God because that was all I had left. I did not see how I could endure another set back and watch Darin go deeper into depression. God moved quickly and began to let me see Darin through His eyes. Darin was struggling and had lost himself. Who he was, what he was good at, his passion, his calling and he was floundering. Of course he did not trust his own instincts and preaching style, that got him fired. But when he was not true to himself and tried to be someone else no one wanted to follow a fake. God has recently blessed him with friends that believe and encourage him and have helped shake him awake. He lost his friend and mentor through the process and he has taken it in stride because for the first time in a long time he is realizing who he is in Christ. I am also so proud of the fact that he is driving for Dominos 3o hours a week to supplement what the church can't pay. He truly is doing what ever it takes to stay on the course of church planting and taking care of his family. Darin may not be the most out going person that grabs the center of attention but he is loyal and not to good for any job. I have always wanted others to see and admire his servants heart like I do. These are the things I have concentrated on these last four years as I watched him struggle. I have tried to draw him out of himself and breath confidence into him with little success. It was only through prayer that I began to see Darin wake up. Then today at church I saw the old Darin. He had his passion back and his sermon inspiring. I was so proud as I watched him today and heard him speak. The journey has been a long and a hard road to walk. We are not out of the woods by any means. We still have to grow a church to self supporting in a very short time. But I have the faith in the God who called Darin to lead us and confidence in the man who has rediscovered his passion for this calling.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Friday Top 10 List- What I am Looking Forward To in the Future

I know I did the 10 things about me on Tuesday and it inspired me to start a top 10 list every Friday with a different subject. So since we have been talking about goal setting in January I thought I would start my list
What I am Looking Forward to......

10. No more changing diapers- All three potty trained 2 down 1 to go
9. The day I don't have to clean my own toilets
8. A day when I don't have a child that plays in the toilet, play with the toilet paper and sticks everything in their mouth
7. The day all three are in school (although I know it will be sad too.)
6. The day I get to see Brighton's face meeting Cinderella at Disney World
5. The day I look awesome in a size 6 skinny jean
4. The day I am totally out of debt
3. The day the Journey Church is Self supporting and thriving
2. Picking up my pink Cadillac and driving it away
1. The Day I can say go get in the car and they can do it by themselves. No getting them in and out of the car and buckling anyone in.

My Balcony Section

When setting goals and working to accomplish them you must have a balcony section. I love my weekly Mary Kay meetings and the positive people I have met through the years. I have many wonderful people who have graced and impacted my life. My mentor and life coach Teresa Ceder has always warned me to protectively guard who I let into my balcony section. Not everyone deserved a voice to hold an opinion in your life. I want to take a few minutes to honor the people who are that to me and who I will rely on this year as I accomplish some BIG things with God.

First off is my sweet husband Darin. He is my biggest cheerleader and fan. He believes I can do anything. It is truly one of the reasons I love him so much is the belief he has in me and the way he helps me accomplish my goals. Darin believes in my Mary Kay and my abilities. Darin truly completes me. He is the perfect safe place to vent to, dream with and get perspective.

Then there is Teresa Ceder my MK director. I have known her since I was 20 years old. She is who I want to be when I grow up. Teresa loves me just like I am but has always loving pushed me to grow into more. Just to be in her space and have my girl time with her is a thrill. Teresa has always given me a "safe place" to be myself and loved me through it all. She has lost close 100 pounds in the last three years (with out a weight loss surgery) and I have been so motivated by her journey. But in the process after having Madison and trying to lose weight she gave me all of her wonderful clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry. Can you tell we have the same style? I never have to explain myself to her because out of anyone I know, she just gets me. She will never truly know how much of a blessing she is to me and how I am forever a better me because of her. Everyone needs a Teresa in her life.

Carlene is my "Spiritual Friend". This is my inside joke with her because Carlene has the wisest, kindest, and purest spirit I know. I love her beautiful silver hair, twinkling blue eyes and sweet smile. Carlene is my angel on earth and she brings such a calm to me. That is why I love to always room with her at Mary Kay events. With the fast schedule and getting keyed up at these things she has such a calming presence that helps me come down and sleep at night. But oh how I love to make her laugh. She loves the Lord and it radiates out of her. When life has been heart breaking Carlene is who I call just to pray with me and speak God's truth into my darkness. I have never heard a harsh word out of her mouth. She is the epitome of a gentle spirit with a quiet strength. Carlene will never want the credit and glory for the impact she had made and I love her all the more for it.

Now there is my sister Jenny. I've never had a sister and I always wanted one. Jenny has become that in my life. She is the sister that I never had and just calling her my friend is not enough to describe who she is to me. When I met her I could not stand her. I won't go into the high school drama but I lost the guy and this little freshman won. She was everything I wasn't and when my brother started dating her I was not thrilled. She is the most passive aggressive, stubborn person I know and I now admire her for it. I admire her extreme confidence and inner drive. She brings inner strength out of me and I walk taller beside her. But what I love the most is that Jenny has the most tender heart. Jenny's tears when she is moved is the most precious thing about her. (I'm tearing up writing this.) She coached me through labor with both my girls and with out drugs with Madison. Madison birth was my favorite and biggest accomplishments. I could not have done that with out my Jenny. When my world fell apart, when Darin was fired from his first church, the memory of Jenny and Stevie stands out. The reassuring way they welcomed us home and walked through the next difficult year with us. She is so thoughtful for the needs in my life. Her heart breaks with mine over loss and she rejoices with my victories. Plus she is the best shopper for me! She may have started out as Stevie's Jenny that I had to be nice to. Then share my family birthday with, (our birthdays are 3 days apart.) but she has quickly become my Jenny. The best sister and friend I could have ever hoped for.

Now last but not least is Julie. Julie has just come into my life in the last two years. I have never really had a best friend. Maybe I was too ADHD and flitted from one friend to another, or was always too boy crazy as a teen to invest in one friend. I have always just has groups of friends that I ran with. Getting married so young kept me from really relating to other women at my church or school. I was always told that friendship in your 30's was much richer than in your 20's. Then God blessed me with Julie. We laugh because we could not be more opposite. She is organized, I am a mess. She is a neat freak and I pay no attention to detail. (We won't go into the hand soap difference.) She is not a girly girl and I had to talk her into letting me do a make over on her when we first met. Now she loves Mary Kay and has been known to wear pink. But we are both completely neurotic about being women of our word and being loyal. We get each other on a totally different level than anyone I have been friends with before. She can put into words when I can't dicier through my emotions and I do the same for her. What I love most about Julie is she is completely loyal and non judgemental to me. I can tell her anything and not have to worry what she is thinking. I can't go a couple of hours with out checking in with her everyday. The coolest thing is she feels the same about me. She is so wise with her thoughts and keeps me anchored to the ground when I am bouncing all over the place. She is the best reason God ever brought me to New Braunfels and the reason I beg him to not uproot us from this place. I have visions of us raising our kids together here. Watching them play baseball through the years, taking their prom pictures together and her being apart of every special event of my life holding my hand through it. (Can't you see the Scrapbook pages of our story Julie!) Laughing, crying, remembering. I can climb any mountain and complete every mile stone of my life with Julie as my friend going through it right with me.

There are so many others that are my cheerleaders and support system that I love and admire. These are just some of my Angels that God has placed in my life. I wanted to honor them with my words today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Things about me!

Jenny Childress tagged me in her blog to write 10 things about myself that most people don't know. I am not sure if I can do that because most thoughts that enter my head come out my mouth so here goes.

1. I really sometimes wished I talked less and most of the time I leave an event I think "Oh no what did you do?"

2. I am a published author in a book for Church Plater's Wives. But, I want to write and publish my poetry, a wonderful worship song that truely expresses how I feel about the Lord. an awesome epic novel like Twilight or the Notebook

3. My true hearts desire is to inspire others and I would love to be a speaker singer someday with my own ministry

4. I hate scary movies and have never been able to handle them

5. Even though I sing and can sing in 4 part harmony I can't read a lick of music. Everything is totally by ear.

6. I hate sleep. I hate bed time like a 2 year old would because I am afraid I am going to miss something. But I know I need it because I hate being tired.

7. I struggled with learning disabilities all through school and was not expected to go to college let alone graduate. That is one of my greatest accomplishments is to have my degree and do it in 4 years. Was told I had a reading disability but read Gone With the Wind in the 6th grade and love reading. I was diagnosed with ADD & ADHD in college and S.S.I. Not sure how to explain it. I am suppose to use colored overlays when I read. If the paper is too white and or under florescent lights it is like looking at one of those 3D puzzles that you have to stare at until the image appears. That what is was like trying to read in school and if someone broke my attention I had to start the process over. Probably more information on that than was necessary but it fascinates me.

8. I really do love solitude time almost as much as I am energized being with people.

9. I write and eat left handed but I cut with scissors, throw a ball and bat left handed. I kick with my right leg but hurdled with my left. My mixed dominants make it hard to shoot a gun.

10. I can't sleep with my back to the door or with my bed against the wall. I don't remember when this started but my mom said my cousin told me when I was little that a hand was going to grab me and pull me under the bed while I was sleeping. Now it's a habbit.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Better Me in 2009

I ended this year of 2008 discouraged, defeated and ready to give up. I had lost hope in the Journey Church ever making it, was frustrated with Darin and the kids. Mary Kay was going ok, but the guilt of another year of unmet goals was making the thought of new ones for 2009 depressing. The thoughts of another year of unmet goals, Darin working two jobs, my kids frustrating me to no end and putting back on all the weight I had lost this summer. Yep, I was in the best shape of mind for Victory in 2009. Darin and I fought a lot at Christmas because of the lack of time we had with the kids and our schedule. I was feeling like a single parent running a business, a home and trying to get ready for Christmas. The icing on the cake was taking all three with me to WalMart for grocery shopping the Monday before Christmas and Brighton mooning Dalton on the bread isle.

But Christmas was wonderful. It really was relaxing and the kids were great. Darin had some time off and we really enjoyed ourselves. The week that followed I tried to sit down and work on my goals for the year and I was unmotivated. That is so not like me and it bugged me. Not to mention that I was very distracted reading the Twilight Series. Going to a Mary Kay training on goal setting Saturday morning set me straight and sparked me out of the funk I was in. 2009 is where I am really drawing the line. Don't you just get tired of unmet goals from year to year weighing you down and chipping away at your resolve? I am tired of another Christmas being tainted by the dread of facing down the things that did not happen for me that year. How can I really teach my kids that they can really do anything and that God came to give us life abundantly if I live from year to year with discouragement and regret? So here I go proclaiming it to the world and feel free to ask me how they are going.

1. Become a MK Sales director to those of you that would not know what that means management in Mary Kay a lot more money and a step to getting the pink Cadillac. I have wanted it for over 10 years and life kept changing on me. Well, life is never going to stop and is ever changing. It is the stability we need in an unstable time.

2. Lose weight! I am inspired by what my sister in law Jenny has done and will not be outdone! :)

These are two things that have chipped away at myself esteem because they are unmet goals from year to year.

4. Fall deeper in love with my husband and really support him, pray for him and release him to be all that God has planted in his heart.

5. Be a more positive mom- yell less, give more time to each one and try to understand their individual needs

6. Last but not least- Believe God is Who he says he is, I am who God says I am, God is going to do all that he says he can do in my life this year.
By doing this:
* I will become the more positive person who influences, inspires, and lifts up all those God brings across my path
* I will worry less what people are thinking and trying to please them
(This has become exhausting and straining)
* I will walk in confidence and worry less about the future

Hebrews 12:1 has become my life verse. Throwing it all off and running the full out race God has laid out for me.
So I say to all out there to really look at those old dreams, unmet goals and desires. Bring them out, dust them off and really pray about how God wants you to enlarge your territory this year.