Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Apologies to George & Laura Bush

I try to really go into my opinions on facebook because I probably can't handle them being publicly rejected or questioned. I also try not point out to people how we disagree but concentrate on the ideas we can connect on. I feel I safer on my own person blog and I wanted to take a moment to give my opinion on our former president and first lady George and Laura Bush. I wish I could just meet them one time and tell him how sorry I am about how disrespected I think he has been treated in the last year. I would tell him how proud I am of his profession of Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior when ever he got the chance. I would love just once to be in the presence of such a graceful lady who stood silently by her husband with a quiet strength and never lost the twinkle in her eyes when she smiled. Weather you agree with his politics or not, I feel the office of president holds a level of respect and of lines that should not be crossed. When Obama was elected we had a conversation with our children about it the next morning and my 6 year old son made the statement, "Man, Obama won. I don't like him. He does not listen to Jesus." Darin explained to him that we should accept what has happened, respect him as our president and pray for him. I hope that I would be as outraged as I was when the shoe was thrown at president Bush if the same thing happened to President Obama. How can we expect other nations to give our dignitaries the proper respect when we don't here in the USA? It just makes me sad that everything that has happened to our country has been scapegoated on one man who is an easy target and did not cause most of it. Do I totally agree with our position in the war right now? I am not sure, nor do I think that I am in a position to make that judgement call because I don't understand all the facts around the war. But if our soldiers who are fighting the war and have seen if first hand agree and support Bush's decision then who am I to have an opinion about it. I will get off my soap box. My father would laugh at me now. I use to think that his ultra conservatism just was because he was an old baptist decon. As a freshman in high school while watching Rush Limbaugh with him one night I made such a statement. He laughed and said I would be way more conservative by the time I was his age if this is who I watched at 15. The opinions of one generation has pasted onto another when my three year old stated that she would be voting for Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity for president. You know I think they would have gotten my vote too. But, back to my original post. I just wanted to take a moment to express my support, admiration and gratefulness for the job that George W. Bush has done for this nation. I only wish I could tell him that in person.

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Foursons said...

And...that we fully understand that yes, he is president but he didn't get to make decisions for this country all on his own. Everything is a group effort and no one man can change how the nation is run. Regardless of what Obama preached, I mean said in his speech today.

Sidenote- Regan was the best president ever!