Friday, January 9, 2009

My Friday Top 10 List- What I am Looking Forward To in the Future

I know I did the 10 things about me on Tuesday and it inspired me to start a top 10 list every Friday with a different subject. So since we have been talking about goal setting in January I thought I would start my list
What I am Looking Forward to......

10. No more changing diapers- All three potty trained 2 down 1 to go
9. The day I don't have to clean my own toilets
8. A day when I don't have a child that plays in the toilet, play with the toilet paper and sticks everything in their mouth
7. The day all three are in school (although I know it will be sad too.)
6. The day I get to see Brighton's face meeting Cinderella at Disney World
5. The day I look awesome in a size 6 skinny jean
4. The day I am totally out of debt
3. The day the Journey Church is Self supporting and thriving
2. Picking up my pink Cadillac and driving it away
1. The Day I can say go get in the car and they can do it by themselves. No getting them in and out of the car and buckling anyone in.

1 comment:

Foursons said...

Good thing you're done having kids, you're a little burned-out on babyhood!