Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Better Me in 2009

I ended this year of 2008 discouraged, defeated and ready to give up. I had lost hope in the Journey Church ever making it, was frustrated with Darin and the kids. Mary Kay was going ok, but the guilt of another year of unmet goals was making the thought of new ones for 2009 depressing. The thoughts of another year of unmet goals, Darin working two jobs, my kids frustrating me to no end and putting back on all the weight I had lost this summer. Yep, I was in the best shape of mind for Victory in 2009. Darin and I fought a lot at Christmas because of the lack of time we had with the kids and our schedule. I was feeling like a single parent running a business, a home and trying to get ready for Christmas. The icing on the cake was taking all three with me to WalMart for grocery shopping the Monday before Christmas and Brighton mooning Dalton on the bread isle.

But Christmas was wonderful. It really was relaxing and the kids were great. Darin had some time off and we really enjoyed ourselves. The week that followed I tried to sit down and work on my goals for the year and I was unmotivated. That is so not like me and it bugged me. Not to mention that I was very distracted reading the Twilight Series. Going to a Mary Kay training on goal setting Saturday morning set me straight and sparked me out of the funk I was in. 2009 is where I am really drawing the line. Don't you just get tired of unmet goals from year to year weighing you down and chipping away at your resolve? I am tired of another Christmas being tainted by the dread of facing down the things that did not happen for me that year. How can I really teach my kids that they can really do anything and that God came to give us life abundantly if I live from year to year with discouragement and regret? So here I go proclaiming it to the world and feel free to ask me how they are going.

1. Become a MK Sales director to those of you that would not know what that means management in Mary Kay a lot more money and a step to getting the pink Cadillac. I have wanted it for over 10 years and life kept changing on me. Well, life is never going to stop and is ever changing. It is the stability we need in an unstable time.

2. Lose weight! I am inspired by what my sister in law Jenny has done and will not be outdone! :)

These are two things that have chipped away at myself esteem because they are unmet goals from year to year.

4. Fall deeper in love with my husband and really support him, pray for him and release him to be all that God has planted in his heart.

5. Be a more positive mom- yell less, give more time to each one and try to understand their individual needs

6. Last but not least- Believe God is Who he says he is, I am who God says I am, God is going to do all that he says he can do in my life this year.
By doing this:
* I will become the more positive person who influences, inspires, and lifts up all those God brings across my path
* I will worry less what people are thinking and trying to please them
(This has become exhausting and straining)
* I will walk in confidence and worry less about the future

Hebrews 12:1 has become my life verse. Throwing it all off and running the full out race God has laid out for me.
So I say to all out there to really look at those old dreams, unmet goals and desires. Bring them out, dust them off and really pray about how God wants you to enlarge your territory this year.


Foursons said...

Here's to 2009- we'll walk through it together. That is when we're not sprinting of course.

jennydiane said...
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jennydiane said...

I love you! I love talking to you, being around you, and inspired by you. I love that I can be real with you and that I can call you and count on you to pray, laugh, and be my friend. Thank you for who you are and know that I am with you this year. I am so thankful for our friendship!!! God has beautiful beautiful plans for us!!!

(PS: I deleted the last comment I left because I spelled about 5 words wrong.)