Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dalton's Thoughs on the Bible

This is a story that happened this summer. It is one of my favorites of Dalton.

Dalton was recently baptised and got his first bible. A cool Hermie the Wormie Bible. This week I started doing a daily devotion with him during their nap time and the things he comes up with have to be written down he is so funny and the way his mind works is cute.

Monday 8/4/08- After telling him what we were going to do he says, "I know one thing the bible says, Daddy told me." Then pointing his one finger up like he is going to say something profound he says "Men should not dress up in women's clothes." This was in response to him wearing his sister's Cinderella dress and blond wig because all of his Super Hero costumes were in timeout. After reading Genisis chapter 1 where we talked about God creating "all the kinds of animals" he asks "Why did God say they were all kind animals when some animals are wild and will eat you. That is not kind."

Tues. 8/5/08- Gensis 2 Naming all the animals and the creation of man and woman these were his comments."Why did the man not give the animals real people names?""How did the man get his house built if God had not created the construction workers yet?""If man and woman got married and there were no other people created yet then who married them and who were the bridesmaids?"When the last sentence was read," and they were naked and with out shame."Dalton giggled and said "Well they need to put some clothes on." Then I asked him if he wanted to draw a picture of what we read today like he did yesterday. He said, very seriously, "No because I would have to draw man and woman naked and I am a good drawer and would not want to get in touble for being inappropriate."

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