Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday & Day 4 Challenge

I am so thankful this week that I feel great.  When I look back on how terrible I felt in October I don't even recognize myself.  I am 20 lbs lighter.  Mary Kay is back on track and getting better than ever.  But, I truely feel loved and inspired again.  The other day in my bible study reading I felt true joy and excitement down in my spirit just because I was soaking in how much God loves me.  He loves us! He delights in us.  He loves us too much to leave us like we are and not to inspire us to be better, greater and more.  He allows us to go through the valleys to shape us, and weed things out of our souls.  I am thankful for the valley's too.  I love who I become in the process.  With out the rain we don't appreciate the sunshine.  With out sadness we don't truely embrace joy.  Without turmoil we don't even notice times of peace.  Tears wash our soul and laughter nourishes it.  Heartbreak brings a sweetness to the times of restoration to our heart.  I am thankful for who God made me and who he is developing me into. 

Day 4:

todays challenge:

Often times we can get caught up in negative self talk.

Or in being negative period.

We tend to speak to ourselves more horribly than we would ever imagine speaking to someone we love.

So today, that stops.

With every negative thought that comes into your mind,

first immediately STOP it...

And then, replace that thought with what is TRUE and positive.

Even better, get some index cards and write out the negative thought on one side,

and the truth on the other.

Along with the truth, you could find a bible verse or quote that further encourages you in that area.

Notice what a difference you feel about yourself and about life at the end of the day.

The bible talks about holding everythought captive.  Not every thoughts that comes into your head is your thought.  We have an enemy that is a liar and the best way he feeds those lies to our souls in whispering those thoughts into our heads and we swallow it without question.  Not only stop the thought but speak truth over yourself.  The power of life and death are in the toung.  I have discovered that your can not think away a bad thoughts.  You must speak it out over yourself.  This may sound crazy but it works.  For example, how many of you moms have struggled with this thought, "I'm a terrible mother because_________." Stop and say "No I am a great mom because_________."  Read your bible and discover all of the wonderful things that God says you are to him.  Keep notes that people send you to reread during down times.  Here is a simple thing.  ACCEPT A COMPLIMENT! How many times does someone compliment us and we either verbaly dismiss it or mentally do.  Accept it and let it sink in.  When people compliment my kids and tell me how cute they are I found myself telling people what little monster they can be.  I have learned to say thank you.  My kids don't need to hear me put them down and people who complimented them don't want to hear the negative either.  Or when someone compliments you and you want to argue with them.  This is not being humble!  I have a bad habit when someone compliments my clothes I want to tell them how cheep I got it.  That is not good either.   The bible says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.  But how can we love our neighbor if we hate ourselves!  We would have a lot less women caddiness if we as women loved who God made us to be.  Be aware today of how you talk to yourself. I love this challenge.  Please leave a comment and tell me how your 21 day challenge is going. 


Jenny Diane said...

Nocona! I LOVE THIS POST! I need to reread this post every single day for 21 days ;). It was great to talk to you today and I am so thankful for your honesty!

petrii said...

Hi Nocona,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I LOVED this post and the idea to write the negative thought on one side of the card, but then the positive on the other accompanied by Scripture. This I'm gonna try. What a GREAT thing!!

I will be reading your other posts to find out what this 21 days is all about.

Have a Blessed weekend,

Denise said...

I needed to read this today! I really really did.

Thank you!