Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures from the 80's Birthday Bash!

My friend Jenny C, Me, My sister-in-law Jenny and my friend Jill all have February Birthdays.  For the past three years we have had a big birthday party with our group of friends we grew up with.  This year it was an 80's theme and we had a blast! Here are the pictures.

Our cake rocked!
My honey and I.  He was Brett Michaels.  It was a last minute costume change. He was going to be Ferris Bueler and I could not find the right vest.  As we were walking out the door I grabbed the Hannah Montanna wig from my girls dress up box and tried to brush it out.  He was a good sport about letting me put eye make up on him. 
I thought our costumes were a hit and then my brothers showed up in their 80's costumes.
So here is the Christmas Card picture for my mom to send out next year.
I love my two sister-in-laws! We have so much fun!
Our Rockin' Friends Crystal and Darell.
Kara and Clifford Wheeler! (Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club)
My friend Susan and her husband!
I had fun putting her costume together!
My adopted sister/hairdresser Erin and my newest friend Cara! Love these girls!

The birthday girls with their husbands! The Childress, The Koenigs, The Helms and The Wenzels
We walked like an Egyptian, got Footloose and did the Thriller dance. (Or attempted it anyway!) The music of that night was the best of the year yet! 

I love my birthday sisters!


Jenny Helm said...

Man, we have SOME fun, don't we?? love you!

Kelsey Claire said...

Oh my that looked like a blast from the past! That is a great birthday idea and I LOVED the cake!

Nocona said...

Wow I was not even done editing and already two comments. I keep looking at these pictures. This is my favorite year yet. I have already been thinking about next year.

Crystal said...

That was a great party!!! Darrell and I had a great time. Thanks again for letting us be apart of the celebration!!! We love you!!!

Jenny Diane said...

Had a wonderful time with all of my sisters :) LOVE YOU!