Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

There are always things to be thankful for even when life is hard.  This week I had two close friends loose one of their parents.  Darin's sister lost her mother in law this last week to cancer.  She was only diagnosed in December.  Jerry was a sweet lady with a strong faith.  She did not have to suffer long and the family has really leaned on their faith to get through it.  Then my friend Melinda lost her dad on Tuesday.  I have not found out the details on how it happened, but I did find out that he had become a Christian in the process of being sick.  It was just in January that she and I were talking and she was expressing concern for his salvation and how she was handling talking to him about it.  I rejoice with her that she does not have to worry about this question anymore.
When I look back on all that God has done is a short time in my life I am filled with such awe!  My heart is so full from all of the people God has placed in my life to walk with me.  One of my best friends from highschool and I have gotten to become close again since moving back.  I am loving it!  Just having a best friend again that you can depend on is a blessing, but one that has your history is so much sweeter.  She encouraged me to join the YMCA with her and I am so glad that I did.  I have not felt so good in months. 
I was able to get off antidepressants through the grace of God and I feel great.  There was not the hard transition that I worried that it would be.  Through eating better and exersize I am feeling great.  Life is falling back into place too and we seem to be out of so many transitions for now.  Praise God!

I will always be thankful for my sisters Erin and Jenny.  God did not give me sisters in my family but my sister-in-law and her sister have adopted me.  Erin texted me just the other day to remind me of that.  Now my question is when I get my sisterly discount on my hair cuts?  No really she has always worked with me and given me such a bargain for all that she does to keep my hair cute. 
I am thankful for my mother and her special touches that she puts on holidays for my kids.  I did not have that growing up with my grandparents and I love the things she does.  She brought my kids Valentine's bags on Sunday.  They got chocolates, fancy socks and cards with $5.00 bills in them for them to use at the movies that night.  She does things like this for every holiday.  I am also so thankful that Dalton is going to the school she teaches at.  It is like having an "in" at the school and I don't have to be the one that is a teacher on campus.  I know first hand exactly what is happening in his day to day routines.  If a problem arises it is usually handled before I know about it.  Like my check for his lunch got lost this last week and Dalton had no money in his account.  Nonna took care of it and deposited even more money in there.  I am interested in seeing though what it will be like when Dalton is in second grade next year with Nonna in her grade level.  I am also excited about sending Brighton next year to the school.  My mother was going to retire this year and changed her mind.  I am so glad because I like the idea of her being on campus when I am sending my little girl next year.
I am thankful our church is growing again.  I love Laurie Minton our pastor's wife.   I thought that the transition from going from the Sr. Pastor's wife to a staff member's wife was going to hard.  Not with Laurie.  She is the kindest and most pure hearted lady I know.  It has been wonderful working with her to do the ladies ministry and kids ministry.  I love that she is my mentor and friend.

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Crystal said...

It is when we see others in their trials, that help remind us how blessed we truly are. I don't know why that always seems true, but it is.

I don't have any brothers. And my in-laws are in another state. Therefore, it is friends that make family to us. It is usually the case, since Darrell and I have lived far from family. Friends have always been a family to us. I am so grateful that I can call you FRIEND!

I am also very grateful that my sister has finally moved close to me. Now, I can have a sister that I can be closer to with out miles seperating us.

I am sooo happy for you. I am soo happy that God has done and will continue to Bless you and your family!