Friday, February 26, 2010

Feature Friday & Day five of the 21 Day challenge

Today I will feature my friend's new Website.  Nikki and I went to the same church as teens and sang in the school choir together.  She has a new site where she has handmade cards.  Her site is  Check it out. 

Wow Summer is really pulling for some hard stuff with todays.
Day 5: todays challenge:

Imagine all the things we could get done if we didn't have social media....

for example: Facebook & Twitter.

Let's try it out and see just what happens when we take a break for 24 hours.

Take notes on what you accomplish in the time not wasted.

Does this mean I have to take a break from my blog too?  I might get that laundry folded finally. 
I am going to try this tomorrow since I did not do the challenge until the middle of the day and I have already checked my FB today.  I am going to take a break from FB, and my blog.  I will write up Day 6 tonight and post it after I get home.   


Crystal said...

I need to take you up on this challenge!!! I am sure I could get my final paper done faster. :)

Summer said...

Ya, I didn't count the blog. Mostly Facebook and Twitter.

But that's what is great about the challenge. It can be different for everyone!