Monday, January 25, 2010

Yes I am posting three times on a Monday! What am I reading

I am linking up with three different blogs I follow today.  This one is at JKs Book Blog.  I love reading and this is a neat blog of other readers.  This week I just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I took forever jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon.  I have debated for years and thought that I could not have an opinon on it until I read it for myself.  I really liked it.  My seven year old son and I read it together.  He loved it.  I loved hearing him laugh at the parts that were suppose to be funny before I had a chance to explain it.  He loved everything the Weasley Twins did and said.  We will be starting the next one in the set tomorrow.  I love our times together reading chapter books and it is special that he has a love for reading like I do.  It is our special time together. 

The non fiction book I am reading is Tosca Rena's Eating Clean.  This one is taking me longer because I am trying to implement what she is talking about into my life as I read.  I am starting Joyce Meyer's, I Dare You after I finish this one.  I am trying to read a non fiction and fiction book a month. 

I hate to admit that I have also discovered and that has really fed my Twilight addiction.  There are some wonderful stories on there that continue the story and fill in some of the blanks of the story. 
 Hop on over to J. Kaye's blog to write about what you are reading right now. 


Crystal said...

I am telling you...Vampire Academy....GREAT BOOKS.

J. Kaye said...

Eating Clean sounds good. I really need to do that!

Jenny Diane said...

I just started reading Lovely Bones and it is really good!

Nocona said...

Really I am afraid it would upset me. I put a hold at the library on The Last Song.