Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday 10 List!!! A Decade in review

I thought that I would do a reveiw of pop culture over the last 10 years. Just a few I thoughts of in no particular order. I mean wasn't it just yesterday that green was just a color, MTV and VH1 actually played music videos and you had to wait to see what your pictures looked like until they were developed?

1.  Texting become a primary way of communicating
2.  The Era of the Vampire (I am only a Twilight fan, not of any of the rest)
3.  Harry Potter being the most popular fiction to come out
4.  Wireless Networks everywhere
5.  Alternative Medicine
6. Reality T.V. being everywhere-Creation of Reality T.V. Stars (Kate Gosslin, Kelly Clarkson, ect.)
7. A first black president being elected
8. September 11
9.  Michael Jackson's death
10. Crocs (Even if they are the ugliest thing to ever come out.)
11. Connectivity- Blogging, Facebook, My Space, wireless phones

I also wanted  to make a list of things that have become obsolete in the last 10 years, like:

1.  Answering Machines
2.  Camera's with Film (Remember the drive through Fox Photo places you could drive through in the parking lots to get your pictures.)
3.  Telephone's and Computers having to be plugged into walls. We are in the age of the wireless eara.
4.  CD's now we have itunes
5.  VCR's and VHS videos
6.  Tapes and Tape players in the cars
7.  Home Phones (How many of you only have cell phone now and have given up your home phone.)
8. Handwritten letter.  I still have all of mine from my grandmother she use to write me. 
9. Arcades  We all have video games at home now and who needs to play these games at a public arcade. 
10.  Big paper Maps- We have GPS now. 

Add to these.  I know there are so many more.

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