Saturday, January 2, 2010

Letters of Intent

I know it is Saturday and not Friday but I came up with a good letter last night and so I will link up today.
Letters of Intent

Dear 2009,
You were a very hard year to get through. Our family endured a lot of life changes and had us riding such an emotional roller coaster that I am exhausted. With career changes for Darin and the reality of closing the doors on his church and dreams of planting a church, he has survived. With the uprooting of our family to a new community and new school for Dalton we are closer and stronger. I rejoiced in the accomplishments I made in Mary Kay and dealt with the disappointments of unfinished goals and faced having to start over. Our budget survived the economy and various changes to our income. Our hearts broke as we said good-bye to our 13 year old dog, Scarlett. I am happy to close the door on you. I leave behind the resentment, fear, disappointment and feelings of failure that has weighed me down this year. I choose to remember the good things that happened to our family and the lessons that we learned. I rejoice in the blessings we received in 2009 and will let the rest go. We embrace who we have become in the process. We look forward to the opportunities that 2010 will bring. This year we are drawing a line in the sand and will look back and see that 2010 was the year that things changed. We will be debt free this year, directorship will be accomplished. I will lose the 30 lbs that have been on my goals for the last three years. Our home will be reclaimed as a Christ centered home. 2009, you will be remembered as a strengthening year in our diligence and faith. We will remember you as a year for weeding things out of our lives and placing us on a new path. We feel ready and equipped now to accomplish things in 2010. So it is with a happy heart that I bid you, 2009 a final farewell and greet 2010 with excitement!
Nocona Koenig


Foursons said...

I thought about pulling that bible study from last year back out to aid in the weight loss. It really did work, I just didn't stick to it.

I like that you're drawing a line in the sand and starting brand new. It makes it easier to go forward when you aren't constantly looking back.

Thanks for linking up, I think this is a great letter!

Girly Stuff said...

I just love your letter. I really do.

Jenny Childress said...

Wonderful letter! I love you and support you dear friend!

Crystal said...

You know...some of that letter was as though you were taking the words straight from MY mouth. HA. LOVE YOU.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Perfect. What a great reflection and letter

Momma Pixie said...

Hope all thing good come your way in this new year!

the Spocks said...

May your 2010 be blessed. A great letter.

We also live in Texas.