Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature Friday- My Little Brother

I am starting a new thing on my blog for my Friday posts.  I am going to feature people in my life.  My life has been enriched by so many people.  This week I am starting with my youngest brother Shane.  I am starting with him because he is one of the funniest people I know and I there are so many stories I have to tell about him.  We but heads at  times because we are so much a like and our middle brother is often the peace maker.   Shane can fix almost anything and is a builder. In Jr. High he was trimming the Christmas tree and cut the wire to the lights.  He then rewired the lights so my mom would not know.  When we were kids growing up Shane was the one that was always playing tricks on people.  He set my alarm one day to go off at 3 a.m. instead of 6 a.m.  I was already getting ready when I realized what had happened. He would put magazine pictures in my bed of snakes with open mouths to scare me.  Two years ago he bought my son a big rubber rat to scare me with. I have found that thing hidden in my bed, my jewlery box and my underwear drawer.  Dalton thinks Uncle Shane is the coolest. When I was a teen I got one tank of gas a week that was paid for.  I drove a 1978 Bronco and that tank of gas did not go as far in that huge truck.  One Sunday afternoon as I went to start it I saw that I was out of gas and was not going to make it very far.  When I looked out my window I saw Shane driving his  go cart in the neighbors feild. (He had rebuilt the entire go cart himself.)  He had siphened the gas out of my truck to make it run.  Shane has always been resourceful.  In highschool Shane went to state for the 300 meter hurdles and ended up winning a big 12 championship ring with Texas A&M's track team.  He has overcome dislexia with a great attitude.  He also leads worship for one of the services at his church. I could write a lot about all the stories of things Shane has done to entertain us over the years.  For those of you that know Shane feel free to leave a comment telling your favorite story of adventures with him.  


Crystal said...

Shane is a awesome, funny and amazing person. Thanks for sharing some stories of him while you two were growing up. Very funny. I am very blessed that I got to know him.

The Henrys said...

I don't know your brother, but enjoyed reading the cute stories about him, and your relationship with him.

I wanted to stop and say thank you for the nice comments that you left on my blog, about my daughter and her behavior plan. I really like hearing from your perspective. It is sometimes very hard to know what I am doing the right thing for her, so it was nice to read what you had to say.

Thanks, Debbi

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

This is so sweet! My siblings are my best friends...what a blessing they are to me!


Jenny Helm said...

Shane has a bit of a stubborn streak about him, and I can appreciate that because I have it too! :) But he is good as gold. Sweet guy! He saw me pulling into Stevie's pharmacy today as he was leaving, and he turned around and came back just to give me a hug and say hey. :) I love him and I'm so glad he's my brother in law!

Helen said...

i love this 'feature friday' idea! i might steal it. :-)
and i loved reading about shane stories. i smile pretty much any time shane comes to mind!
i got to know him in high school track. for my birthday in high school he carved 'happy birthday' into leather for me!
then we got to be in track at a&m together.
he's always been a great friend to me. God has gifted him with the gift of serving others. he is very thoughtful and always willing to help. for example, he replaced part of our kitchen tile! we still owe him for that one.
also, he can ALWAYS make anyone laugh!!
nocona, you are very lucky to have him as your brother! :-)