Monday, January 18, 2010

Friend Making Mondays

Making Friend Monday! Yes, I will post twice in one day because I want to grow my circle in blog land. (and I am feeling very unpopular with only 25 followers) Seriously, though I want to connect with other women out there that are positive and I want be inspired by them and their journey.  My goal in life is really to inspire people to be better and grow through anything life throws at them by sharing my journey and my struggles.  Have I always been perfect at this. No.  But it does not hurt to keep trying.  It is also nice to meet other women that are surviving the same things in life that I am.  So this weeks question is a list of of projects that you are diving into this year. 
1. I spent the entire week after Christmas organizing my house.  My goal is to train my kids to clean up after themselves and form good habits with taking responsibility for their things.
2. Clean out the garage and have a huge garage sale.  I want to be able to park my car in it.
3. Pay off all of our debt and save for that Disney Trip we have been promising our kids for years. 
4. Lose all of the weight before I started having kids.  I have 25 more to go.
5. Finish Mary Kay directorship and go on target for the Pink Cadillac.  We almost did this last year in May and due to life things fell apart.  So we are going to finish it this year. (My team and I.)
6.  Get Madison's letters done for her wall that match the ones I had done for Brighton.  She will be three this year and I don't have her name on her bedroom wall like her sister. 
7. Get Madison fully potty trained.  We are well on our way with that.  We moved three times since last June and now that we are really settled we can get this task done.  She has been in panties during the day for the last week with very few accidents. 
8.  Memorize more scripture.  I have started with Phillipians 4:6-8.  The same one I saw Amber put on her blog.  That is funny how that worked. 
This was fun.  To get to know other bloggers go to Amber's cute page.


shortmama said...

Losing weight and saving for Disney could have made my list too!

Christina said...

Great list of goals. I once had the clean the garage to park the car in it too. Got it done then we moved! How Fun!

Melissa said...

You inspire me. I think I've told you that. It's strange, yet amazing, how people are met through blogging.

Sara said...

Your list is amazing, good luc kwith all of your goals!

Crystal said...

Losing Weight is in my list. Just having a peaceful heart is on top of my list. already knew that. :)

I love you, Nocona!!

(shhh, sometimes I feel unpopular too)

Sarah said...

Just popping by to let you know I posted on The Princess and the Frog instead of a TST. I know you said you wanted some thoughts on it.

dianneavery said...

Great list! I just had a garage sale and made a lot of money, I highly recommend them. I couldn't believe the crap/stuff that people bought! :-)

Tesa said...

Those sound like great goals. Life will definitely be easier after potty training is done. I know it will be in our house.

Good luck with everything!

the Spocks said...

Great list of goals!