Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thankful Thurday!

This year I am really striving to have a grateful heart.  I want to look at every situation like Pollianna did.  This last Christmas someone asked Dalton, "So what if you get sticks and rocks in your stocking?"  Without missing a beat Dalton said very matter of factly, "Well I guess I better like playing with them."  I know I have posted a lot of pictures of Dalton lately.  I do have two other girls.  But he gets left out a little.  When you have two beautiful blue eyed little sisters that people ooh and awe over every where we go, I sometimes feel sorry for him.  Plus, he has had some eye issues come up this last week that has caused us to really take care of him and give him extra attention.  Last Wensday night he came home crying his eye hurt.  He was being really dramatic about it and I thought he was just tired because it was his first day back after Christmas break.  The next morning it was really red and swollen.  I thought. "great pink eye."  I called my pastor's wife, who is an optomistrist to look at it.  Our insurance is  messed up right now and we are paying everything out of pocket until it is straightened out.  We got into her office and it was not pink eye.  He has an eye ulcer.  We have been giving him round the clock eye dosages for over a week now, every two hours.  (Let me tell you, I am tired.)  We found out yesterday that it is not healing as quickly and we have to go to a cornia specialist on Friday.  So keep my little man in your prayers.
Here is how I have seen God's hand in it though.  My pastor's wife has totaly worked with us on all of the doctor visits.  She caught it quickly.  He has not been in pain since the first day we started the meds.  He has been an awesome sport about taking the eye drops even through the night.  It has blessed my heart to see the concerns and people lifting him up in prayer through facebook and texts.  I feel so loved.  Not to mention that I broke a tooth on Sunday and my friend, who's husband is a dentist, got me right in the next day and is working with me until the insurance gets fixed.  I mean I am blessed with fellow christians that God has placed around me.  Plus, yes this eye thing is serious, but it is fixable.  He does not have a terminal illness.  I am a work from home mom who has the flexibility to take care of all of this with out taking off work.  Through all of this I am blessed. 


Crystal said...

We are all blessed. You are such an encouraging woman whom lifts my spirits up and I am blessed to know you. The glass is half full. God will always keep it that way, we just have to keep looking and seeking Him to fill it!

Amy Kinser said...

So sorry for your little boy. I pray his eye heals quickly.

So happy that God has people surrounding you that can help you out during hard times and good times.

Love what your little boy said about the sticks and rocks in his stocking. What a great attitude. That should be printed out and hanging on a wall somewhere. Wisdom!!

Theresa Osenbaugh said...

You have such a great outlook and I love the idea of a Thankful Thursday-Can I steal your idea? =) Maybe I'll give this a shot tomorrow.