Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my Pink Bubble!  I am so grateful for all that Mary Kay has given my life and the journey has not really gotten started.  The money has provided private kinder for Dalton, Darin's Christmas and Birthday gifts, many Christmas expenses and a lot of extras around the house.  This year it will get us out of debt and pay for a Disney Vacation that we have been dreaming about for years.  Winning my car last year and finishing the Queen's Court of Sales was the best year ever!  But it is so much more that the things that money can buy.  For that $100 starter kit I bought 12 years ago I thought I was getting a discount on product that I loved.  But I have gained so much more and my life has been enriched like I never dreamed. 

1. Self Esteem.  How can you be depressed or have a low self esteem when you are getting prizes and ribbons for everything you do that is your job. 
2. Getting to dress up  and be a professional woman while being a mom during the week.  I love that I have a reason to trade in the mom sweats from time to time and put on the suit. Getting to talk and be with other adults is great too. 
This is with Daylene White the very 1st Mary Kay beauty consultant.
3.  I love having a reason to get dressed up every year in a formal. 

4. The awesome Mentors! These women have not only mentored me in my buisness but they have enriched me with advice on parenting, marriage counseling, weightloss, my Christan walk and just being a better me. 

My National Sales director, Joanne Holman.

My director, second mom and life coach Teresa. 

5.  The girl friends.  I have the best friendships with the girls in my pink bubble.  They are all over the country.  These are the women that have cheered me on in victories, pushed me to be more than I thought I could be, and picked me back up when I failed.  To me this is like being part of a sorority that we get paid for and without the cattiness. 

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Crystal said...

Your "pink bubble" is a great thing to be grateful for!! God has blessed you with this oppertunity and you took it!!! Awesome!