Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brighton is 5!

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with baby number two and immediately knew it was my chance at a little girl. When we found out for sure I was so excited. I finally had a bow head I could dress in pink. I was going to get my Brighton. We had her name picked out way before we started having kids. I was induced on December 3rd and after three hours of active labor she was there. Brighton has been everything I envisioned my little girl would be and then some. I wanted a mini me with big blue eyes that was girly. Brighton has been a girly girl since she came out of the womb. We called her our little "Cindy Lou Who" baby because that is what she looked like. With her two little pig tails and her big blue eyes sucking on two fingers. She got up and walked at 10 months because she was not going to be out done by the other kids running around at bible study. Her first word was "Happy". She got it from Dalton who's favorite song to sing at two was "You are My Sunshine." Brighton has always been a prissy, dramatic, giggly little girl with a stubborn streak that would test any one's patience. She is a middle child with the personality of an oldest child. She has her way of doing everything. She does not walk, she flits and priances wherever she goes. Brighton has always had an imagination that was well advanced for her years and a vocabulary to match. Even before she had her little kitchen set she would pretend to cook a full coarse meal with absolutely nothing in her hands and then serve it to everyone in the room. At three years old her playmates were Cinderella, Spiderman and the three little pigs. Throughout that year Batman and Robin were added to the group along with Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. After Brighton's 1st trip to story time at the library, she came skipping out of the kids room by herself. I asked her if she had a good time and she said, "Yes but the free lidle pigs got board. (the three little pigs)." Then later that day as we were shopping she was riding in the basket and called out to the open space, "Hurry Brer Rabbit. Get in the basket." Then sticking her hands out she stated,"No, No Brer Fox you are not going to knock his block off." After that scene in Ross we decided to leave all of our "little friends" in the car when we went in places. Brighton could often be found making soup for one of her little group that might be sick. (Once for Robin, who was in the hospital because he got ranned over by the bat mobile.) At bath time she is often stiring up poison to feed the bad guys. Or creating a birthday cake to celebrate one of playmates birthdays. She could tell me all about Batman's birthday, what they ate, what he got and all the details. Once I even herd her in the bathroom grunting as she struggled to go potty and then sigh and say, "Oh my gosh Cindawella! Do you smell that!" Now that Madie has gotten older and she wants to play with Brighton, the imaginary friends are not around as much. She has a new little playmate to have tea parties with and cook with in her kitchen. As long as little sister's follows Brighton's rules. If not then we have to hear how "She is wunning evwy thing!" On a side note don't drink the water at one of their tea parties. You may not want to know were it came from.
Age four brought an entire new level to her playing. She became the damsel in distress. She would tie herself to things and call for Dalton to come rescue her. One day I caught her standing in her upstairs playroom with one foot in the windowsill and one on the art easel. (Not to mention that that window was open.) I tried not to yell so not to cause her to fall. I just asked her to get down. She looked at me and very matter of factly said, "But mommy I am locked in the tower."
Brighton does not call me mom most of the time. She refers to me as Best Friend. She got very indignant a month ago when my girlfriends and I went out for the big midnight showing of New Moon. She really thought she was going with me. Then after dragging in way past my bedtime I was awaken at 5:30 in the morning to a chirpy little voice that asked, "So how was the movie?" Then the next night at bath time she scolded me. "You know that best friends are not suppose to leave their best friends at home when they go out with the girls right? I should have gone with you. I would have worn my I heart Rosalie shirt and sat between you and Aunt Jenny. " She came out the other day after getting herself dressed and she had on a pink shirt, little boot cut jeans with black boots on. She asked Darin, "Do I look like mommy? Do you think she will have on her black boots today?" She is the first one to compliment my hair, my make up and my clothes when she sees me. "Oh mommy you look gorgeous!" Then it is is followed up with, "Can I have___like you are wearing when I get big." She came out of her room the other day to get in the car and she had one of my old purses over her arm. In it was one of my old cell phone, an old Mary Kay compact with a lipstick inside it, and one of my old wallets with Mary Kay cards in it. She is my mini me.
Brighton loves to sing and dance. She can perform almost any Taylor Swift song. Love Story had to be banned from my car for a little while because she wanted to hear it so much. Often I could look out in the back yard and I would see her standing on the top of slide hanging onto the A frame of the swing and singing "Some Where Over the Rainbow" to the clouds. The other day I heard her in my closet and when I went to investigate I found her singing to my shoes. She had them all matching in pairs lined up in a semicircle around herself. She was totally in her element when she took ballet and tap last year. She had the prettiest posture with her little neck held high and shoulders in place. She loved her teachers and every minute of it. But, she can also run faster than her brother and swing a might baseball bat.
She loves Fancy Nancy, well she is Fancy Nancy and has the vocabulary to prove it. One night she turned to my mother in law and said, "Oh mimi. This food you made is absolutely delicious." She expresses herself about everything. Weather it be the beautiful outfit she wants to wear, the delicious exquisite food she is eating or the terrible baby that is messing up her room. She adds the hand motions to accentuate her point. She also never comes out and says that she is hungry. She says things like, "My tummy's growling." Once she even told Darin, "Daddy my blood sugar is dropping. Can you make me a peanutbutter fold?"
Brighton has stop you in your tracks beauty. Since she was born we could not go anywhere with out someone talking to her. When she was three taking swim lessons I found out that some of the life guards were hoping to get the little princess who pranced around the pool in their swim class. Can I add that she was even prissy when she did that too. She is confident and strong. She adapts well to any surroundings and I love that about her. She loves life and loves big. I am having fun with each stage I get to experience with her.


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Brighton!

Heather said...

Wow, this sounds a lot like a girl I grew up with! Yep, she is definitely you all over! Glad you're enojoying these years, can't wait to hear what you say when she's 11! :)
Happy birthday Brighton! (and does she have her ears pierced?)

Jenny Childress said...

Happy birthday Brighton!! What a blessing she is! So cute!!

Nocona said...

No not yet but I still have the Brighton earrings you bought her before she was born, Heather.

Foursons said...

Happy Birthday- I loved her outfit at her party. It's hard to believe she's 5 already.

Rachel said...

She sounds like an absolute delight! I'd love to have a Best Friend like that too! :)