Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Countdown

I am linking up again with Liz at today for her Christmas countdown.

Monday we tried to go look at Christmas lights but it was so foggy we stopped at Nonna's & Grandpa's instead to have cookies.

Tuesday the girls and I made bracelets and worked on making patterns. They turned out cute!

Wednesday we made paper Christmas Flowers. An idea that I got from Imperfectly Beautiful Ours did not turn out as beautiful but we had fun.

We also started our 12 days for Christmas where they get things in their stockings. Santa usually comes while we are going to get Dalton from school so that I can entice them to take their naps. And to see if Dalton had a good day at school.

Thursday we went to Dalton's party at school and helped. I was so proud how good the girls were at the party and it was cute to watch Dalton introduce them to his friends. After school when they came home I had forgotten to put the gifts in the stockings. So while they were watching cartoons in the toy room I ran around to the front door placed gifts on the front porch and rang the doorbell. Then I went back inside so they could open the door. They loved it. After that we made paper trees with the left over paper from our flowers. When supper was done and baths were taken we got on the couch to watch the movie the Grinch. Our family favorite.
Today they are going with Daddy to a puppet show at the library because I have a meeting at church and tomorrow Mimi & Papa are going to take the older two to a play. They are going to Scrooge! Madie is going to Nonna's house while Darin and I finish Christmas shopping and try to go see a movie.

I can't believe in one week it will be Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all!


Chanin said...

Love your Christmas flowers and trees! Very cute!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Love those bracelets! So cute. My girls would love those. And the flowers turned out beautiful!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

Crystal said... are such a "Suzy Home Maker". I am impressed. Thanks for some great ideas!!!

Jenny Childress said...

I love this idea! Please help me with crafty things when I am a mom!!! Please!

Lauren said...

Very cute ideas! The flowers are adorable!

Emily said...

Those bracelets are so cute! I was looking for a craft like that...what kind of bracelets and string did you use?