Tuesday, December 15, 2009

True Story Tuesday-Christmas Trip that took Forever

A couple of years ago it was the day after Christmas and we were going to be traveling to my sister in laws house in North Texas to celebrate with Darin's family. We went out that night with our group of friends to our annual movie night and my mom called to tell us that Dalton has thrown up. I thought it was just from eating too much junk that day and we still went on to start our trip. Big mistake. We got in the car to leave and the kids (I only had two at the time and was pregnant with baby number three. Thank goodness I was past the morning sickness phase.) We got down the road to outside Salado. Dalton started crying saying he had to go to the bathroom. Those of you that have traveled that road up IH 35, there is not a stop between Georgetown and Salado. Darin raced down the highway trying to get Dalton to a bathroom. But needless to say we did not make it. His tummy was torn up and we had a huge mess. We pulled over on the side of the highway to let him go to the bathroom and clean him up because there was not where else we were going to make it to. Here was are on the side of the road with a 4 year old going potty and trying to change his clothes discretely. Luckily I had a pair of flip flops for him to slip on his feet to stand outside in. By the time we got through Belton and Temple I thought we had seen the worst of it. Wrong! Again he started crying outside of Troy that he had to go potty. Again there is not many places to stop between Troy and Waco and we had another accident. By the time we got him changed he was wearing the Dallas Cowboys football costume that he had gotten for Christmas, one of his sisters Princess pull ups and flip flops. We get back in the car and get down the road a little ways and he throws up again. So we are down to one of my night shirts and a princess pull up. We were over half way there and decided to press forward with Lynne's encouragement. She said to come on and she would help take care of it when we got there. We got back on the highway got through Waco and Dalton fell asleep. We had one hour left and it looked like we were going to get some peace for the rest of the trip. Just has my body relaxed I heard the awful sound from the back seat. My two year old daughter projectile vomited all over the back seat. (Why had I given them red Gatorade to drink in the car.) Her car seat, the back of Darin's seat and even Dalton's brand new spider man pillow doll got it! At that point I wanted to cry. We were out of wipes to clean her or the car. We were outside of Waco and had to pull into an old gas station and ask for paper towels and trash bags to bag up the mess. My car smelled awful, they were sitting in stripped down car seats and mismatched clothes. Darin was frustrated and I wanted to cry. We made it to Lynne's house and her mother instincts kicked in. She took both babies from us and went to cleaning them up and being a care taker. My mother in law came out to gather clothes and car seat covers to get into the wash and we cleaned up the car. The funny thing was once we got to her house they were healed! They ran around like they had never been sick, opened presents and were just fine. Until, we got into the car to go home the next day. Luckily Dalton made it all the way home until we got to Crackelbarrel to eat with my parents in Buda. Let's just say that we did not go back to that Crackelbarrel for a little while after that. The lesson to the story is I now have a box in my car that has clothes, clorox wipe, a puke bucket, and trash bags. To this is my True Story for Christmas. You can go over to http://www.onceuponamiracle.com/ to read more stories.


Kmama said...

Stopping by via Once Upon a Miracle.

Oh my goodness. That is quite the Christmas story!!

Reading that, I wanted to cry for you.

Foursons said...

Yuck. I can only imagine the smell.

Jenny Helm said...

Seriously. The SMELL. I don't want to imagine... Poor babies. I can't believe you didn't break down and cry. As a pregnant woman, you would have had the right to! :(

Rachel said...

I'm with Julie... (especially when pregnant) the sense of smell would have been totally unwelcome at that moment!

I never trust a kid when they've puked anytime recently, ha ha!