Monday, November 30, 2009

Aunt Wee

My kids love Aunt Wee! (Darin's sister. ) She is ready to hug and play. She gets little boys because she has three and buys the best little boy toys for Dalton. She was there from the time I went into labor with him and did not leave until the next morning after he was born. But I think she is really enjoying having little neices to shop for. She gets to buy girly presents now. She calls my girls "girly girls". I knew when she kept the kids this summer she would never take them in public with out their hair fixed and topped off with a bow. She was so excited with Brighton that she got to be in the room and she never left my side the entire time I was in labor. We are thankful to have an Aunt Wee in our lives. (But we need to make sure we get a picture soon of Aunt Wee and Dalton.)

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Pipesville said...

I love my kids!!!! They are so sweet and special to me. Thanks for those kind words.