Monday, November 16, 2009

I love this girl!

This week I am going to highlight some people that I am thankful for. Over the last few months I have had a tough time of adjustments. For the first time in my life I went into total shut down and pulled myself away from people. Darin knew something was terribly wrong when this happened because to be alone is the worst thing I could imagine. I need people around me. There were people that did not give up on me. So many that sent me notes and encouraged me. Now that I am back and feeling better than ever I want to thank some of the few that really went above and beyond showing God's Love to me and waited on me to pull through. Everyone needs a Heidi-Anna in their life! I will never forget the day this beautiful blue eyed lady walked into our New Braunfels training center. I quietly said to myself, "Boy, wish she was on my team." She was going to be a new adoptee like I was to this New Braunfels group. This one friendship God brought together. One night after a meeting, Heidi asked if she could come observe one of my classes. She wanted to take notes during one of my shows because she was so new to Mary Kay. I was thrilled that someone wanted my advice and so we scheduled a time. As it turns out this was the class that all of the women from church were doing for me. I discovered that night that Hedi has a true servants heart and my class went so much smoother because she stepped right in as my assistant and did things before I even asked her. But, the coolest thing was while I was shutting down the show my pastor's wife was talking with her and inviting her to church before I could even get around to it. A couple of weeks later Heidi-Anna and her family showed up. By the end of the service she had accepted Christ and has been a part of our church ever since. I love this business that starts out as lipsticks and ends up leading someone to the Lord. Over the months to follow Heidi-Anna and I began to become fast friends. She became my biggest cheerleader and encourager as I won my car and finished Queen's Court of Sales last year. She wanted to help in anyway that she could. Her girls kept my kids when I needed help even. The week I finished Queen's Court of Sales she had an envelope waiting for me that next week with "Congrats Queenie!" on the outside. Inside was a gift card for an hour long massage! Then when Darin and I had to move, Hedi-Anna and her husband were the first ones there that morning and the last ones to leave. I think she was just as excited as I was that my house was a street over from hers. Then in August when we found out we were moving to Kyle, she was one I had to break the news to. Even as I was going into to shut down over the move and lost contact with everyone I still got text messages from her. She checked in every week to let me know I was missed at the meetings and she was there. Hedi-Anna was a better friend to me over the last couple of months than I was to her. Last Tuesday I showed up at our New Braunfels meetings and did not tell her. I wanted to surprise her. Of course she was late to that meeting so I had to wait until afterwards to talk to her. She squealed, "I knew you would be back." Then she pulled out a present for me from her purse. "I've had this for you in my purse knowing one of these Tuesdays you would be back." It was a fancy new card holder for my desk. "This will be perfect for your new desk in your new office." Heidi-Anna's loyalty and giving heart has blessed my life. Love you girl!
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