Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hill Family

I can not think of a bigger example of God's grace and provision with out talking about Craig and Becca Hill. This family lives by and walks it out daily. Their testimony about how God has used them through adoption is an incredible one. They have gone from adopting two beautiful daughters to opening an adoption ministry. Becca with two of her friends run Charis adoption ministries. Becca has been a sweet friend of mine for the last couple of years. Her warm and giving personality draws people to her and she has so many friends. To me it is just a privilege to get to be one of them. She ran a dance studio last year and gave Brighton free lessons for a year when I could not afford them. I can't express how much that meant to us. Then last year when the church could not afford to pay Darin we had to make a quick decision about where we were going to live because the lease was up on our house. We knew God did not want us to get tied into another lease but we did not know where we were going to go.
I knew that Becca and her family were going to be spending the summer in Florida for business. I was praying about what Darin and I needed to do and Becca's mother (another dear sweet lady) called me because she had the idea of us house sitting Becca's house. This sweet family opened their home to us for the summer. The house was beautiful and without hesitation they let us invade their space for two months. It was such a testimony of God's provision. Craig told Darin not to worry about it because it was his duty as a brother in Christ to help take care of another brother in need. I really aspire to be that kind of a person and with faith like the Hill family has.

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