Monday, November 16, 2009

My Teresa

I have blogged about this special lady in my life before. But I could not take time out this week to mention the people who helped get me through this last summer and fall without mentioning Teresa. I am not sure I could have walked this road with out my Teresa. She has always been my coach and my mentor but she went above and beyond for me. One day my mom and I had gotten into a fight while I was living there and I felt the world crashing down on me. I had no where to go, I felt like I was under constant surveillance and the pressure was too much. I felt I could not breath. My mother was stressed that we were there and I knew it and could not fix it. Understandably with her starting school in August and a family of five adding stress to ther house. This one day I felt completely unloved, and I was suffocating. I could not quit crying and could not get a grip. I called Teresa. I left the next day and spent the entire day with her. We did not talk Mary Kay, we talked life. She took me to her gym and we worked out. Then she took me to lunch and after that we walked to mall. When we went back to her house she gave me a ton of new clothes. Over the past two years Teresa has lost 75 lbs and I have inherited an entire new wardrobe every time she goes down a size. Since Madison has been born I have had clothes from size 16 all the way to size 10. She has the size 8 clothes waiting for me. From purses, to shoes she has outfitted my wardrobe. She has coached me on my weight loss and has been my cheerleader. Last year I broke records in Mary Kay. I did the Queen's Court of Sales finishing by selling the last $2,000 on the last two days of the Seminar year. I won my car a month early with my team and I doing over $10,000 in production wholesale that month. Part of my depression was going from being on top of the world knowing what I had accomplished to falling totally to the bottom and struggling emotionally to pass out my cards to women I met. Teresa never pushed me, never hassled me and never quit loving me while I took time off. She loved me where I was, while reminding me of who I was and all that I was becoming in the process. She validated how I was feeling without letting me wallow in self-pity. She reminded me that this too would pass and it was going to get better. She took time for me when I needed it. She let me verbally process when I needed to talk. Teresa speaks truth without judgement. I can not say where I would be with out Teresa. After we got settled in the new house and things were beginning to fall into place I told Teresa I was back and ready to work my business full time. She said OK and sounded excited. The following Tuesday I got a call and Teresa put back on her coaches hat a kicked me right out of the nest. She gave me a "talking to" that I was not wanting to hear. She challenged me and said if I was not ready to make this Mary Kay thing work and become a director by Seminar that I needed to go back to teaching. I was not being fair to Darin or my family. I knew she was right and she did not make me cry. She made me so mad I went out and sold $1000 that week. She sees my potential and encourages me to be better. One of Gods best gifts to me was Teresa Ceder.

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