Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Top 10-What Moving Revealed to Me

1. My husband and I have completely different ways of doing everything! He is patient and has the frame of mind that it will all get done eventually. Me, I want it done yesterday. When my house is not in order I feel a sense of panic.
2. I realize that I am more of a control freak and want things done my way that I would like to admit. Moving brings that totally out of me.
3. Darin will not ask for help. It makes him so uncomfortable to put anyone out and ask them to help move. I think, "You have not because you ask not."
4. I realized that I could not move with out my family. My mom can stage a house to make the best use of space in every room. I owe my brothers so much help when they move someday. I am still a daddy's girl. He makes sure the washer and dryer are hooked up and everything is running. (Darin had to work on Saturday this last move.)
5. It is like the country song goes, "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are." When someone will help you move you are really finding out who will be there for you through thick and thin.
6. I realized we are not college kids anymore. In my mind I should be able to get it all done in a couple of hours on a Saturday and have it all set up by Sunday right? Yea, it is a lot different moving a two bedroom apartment than a family of 5!
7. We have too much stuff! You get less attached to your junk. Things you could not part with before. If you don't love it enough to pack it up, move it and unpack it you find things easier to part with. Plus if it has been in sotrage for 3 months you can part with it so much easier.
8. Uhuals cost way more money than they advertise. That $39.99 advertised on the side of the truck is a crock. How does it really go from $39.99 to $150?
9. One story houses are much easier to move into. We moved from our storage shed into a one story house and man it was nice.
10. Last but not least is...Movers may be expensive but I am not moving again with out paying packers and movers. They are worth every penny!


Foursons said...
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Crystal said...

If it is in God's plan (certainly not ours) that we have to move and sell our home, I think we would have to have movers. Some of our stuff is so heavy that three men can't lift it. In some ways, movers are worth every penny. I have learnd several things. Moving builds character and it also makes you see what truly is worth keeping and what is garabage. It also helps build your relastionship with hubby. I know!

Foursons said...

Moving stinks. No ifs ands or buts.

Pipesville said...

I decided that this last time we moved. If I had been closer wer would have so been there to help you move. Miss you guys tons!!