Tuesday, November 17, 2009


These two girls are the sisters that I was not born with. If you told me I would have felt that way in Highschool about these girls I would have laughed. Jenny and I were not on the best terms. (Story back in another blog.) Erin was just her kid sister I saw at church. When my brother married Jenny I did not know I was getting more than just a sister-in-law that I could hope to one day be close to. I got two beautiful women in my life. Jenny has been there for me in every transition and heart ache I have had over the last few years. She has been with me for the birth of all of my kids, being my coach for the last two. This last transition she was still steadfast Jenny with a listening ear and encouraging spirit. I would never expect any less from her. That is why I love her so much. Erin has not only made me look great over the past few years keeping my hair slammin', but she has always worked with me when money was tight. Erin can make me laugh at any situation. If not at life then at myself. She loves me and is such a blessing in my life. Getting to be in Erin's wedding and part of all the festivities that lead up to it in October was the best thing for me this last fall. It gave me something to be excited about when life at the time had little for me to look forward too. It made me really feel apart of their them like family. Erin said I could be an official adopted sister and when Erin says something it is true! I could not imagine my life with out the Knight sisters. I love these girls so much!

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Crystal said...

AWE! *tear*. That was beautiful and such heart felt warmth of words! I am sure they feel the same! ***HUGS***

Nocona said...

Thanks Crystal.