Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everyone needs an Ellen in their life!

Everyone needs a person like Ellen in their lives. She is the most mature soft spoken wise woman I know. I sometimes wonder how she and I can be the same age because of her vast wisdom and patience. Ellen also has the most giving tender heart of anyone I have ever met. I was introduced to Ellen through Jenny a couple of years ago. They were roommates at nursing school at Baylor. When Stevie and Jenny got married I got to know Ellen and fell in love with her soft southern drawl and sweet spirit. Ellen has been a faithful customer of mine for almost 5 years and has become a dear friend. For some reason (God moment) Ellen and I were talking one night and she shared with me her own battle with depression a couple of years ago and how she had to get help. She was someone I needed to hear that from. Ellen seems to cool and confident and strong in her faith to me. She is not high strung and emotional like I can be. She gave me wonderful advice and encouraged me to go to the doctor. She gave me permission to admit that life was to much for me to handle with all of the changes and to get some help. She reminded me that it was not a lack of faith to need help and prayed for me. If Ellen had not taken the time to open up to me I would have never had the courage to go talk to my doctor and get help. Through Ellen's encouragement I found my footing and was able to start the journey to climbing out of the pit I had found myself in. Ellen is truly an angel God allowed into my life to give me a glimpse of his mercy and grace.

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