Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Night Confessions

It's Sunday and time for my Sunday night confessions. These are all meant for fun to help me not take myself so seriously and destress after a week of running my house, chasing kids and being married.....

1.Kids Birthday's stress me out. I love looking at the pictures afterwards but man they are not fun to plan or to go to.

2.A couple of weeks ago I was so flustered at a fit Brigthon threw in the middle of the YMCA that I walked out to the car scolding her and my arms felt empty. I realized I had left Madie. At least I left her in the nursery and not in the middle of the work out floor.

3.I had to break down and hire a housekeeper.

4.I had to dig socks out of the basket of laundry that I washed on Monday that did not get folded until Thursday night.

5.I think lunchables are one of the best things created for kids lunches.

6.I used some of the kids Easter candy to fill the goody bags for Dalton's party favors. (They got so much candy)

7. 8:00 is the best time of the day for me. (It is the kids bed time.)


Foursons said...

1. I HATE birthday parties!
2. You mispelled your daughter's name!
3. I have dug out of a laundry basket until it was empty and everything had to be rewashed.
4. They are great but have a crazy amount of calories.
5. I use Halloween candy for Jakob's favor bags and in the team party favor bags.

Nocona said...

I know her name is Brighton. But I am going to leave it because it adds to the humor of it.