Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Check List

Girls matching Dresses for Easter Check. Still need to find the matching bows. Madie has new white sandals and Brighton's still need to be traded for a smaller size. Dalton has a matching new shirtcheck, but needs some shorts. Preparation for the church's Easter Egg hunt and Sunday services done. Darin has been so busy all week. My main job was all the advertising and it made for a long week. Easter plans at Nonna's & Grandpa's made, check. On top of it all Dalton's birthday fell on Easter week this week. I did my best to keep focused on Mary Kay this week, last year I took two weeks off because of the Big Hunt. Easter is our busiest time of year and there are so many details that have to come together up until the final moment. Things can get very hectic and stressful. Darin and I get so bogged down that we look forward to the Monday after Easter where we can crash. It hit me the other day that the true meaning of Easter is getting lost in the process. Are my children getting taught the real meaning of Easter and the significance of it? I want them to have fun at Easter Egg Hunts and I want the pictures of them each year in their pretty outfits. But in the middle of the craziness of it all there is no down time for solitude and remembrance. I miss not going to a Good Friday service. I think I will have to find a way to implement that next year into our Easter traditions.
Lord, forgive me for not making time for you this Easter. Thank you for the cross and never let me take it for granted or forget it's power. Thank you for the gentle reminder of the real reason for Easter before it passed me by this year. Help me to impress the story of Jesus on the hearts of my three little children. Bless our services tomorrow that the people who come would openly hear the message of your salvation and respond.

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Crystal said...

I know what you mean. We can get lost in the superficial aspect of Easter very easily. Just be glad that you knew it, caught it and going to change somethings because you knew it. That is what really matters. Happy Easter, Nocona!!