Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday 10 list!!! Before I was a mother....

Before I was a mother......
1. I only thought my house was messy, it was spotless compared to the disaster it is now. I only thought I had a lot of dishes and laundry.

2. I thought other people's kids were so cute and I awed over every pretty baby I saw. I always wanted to hold the babies at church. Now I think mine are the cutest the children in the world and I don't really have an urge to hold other babies.
3. I kept up with current things on T.V. while they were hot and in regular season. Now I know which channel Dora is on through out the day and the three different times I can catch new episodes. All the the shows I watch are in syndication and are reruns.
4. I spent $75 a week on groceries and Darin and I could eat a nice meal out for $20. Now think I am staying on budget when I get out of grocery shopping for $150 a week and McDonalds for our family is over $25.

5. Going places could be spontaneous and getting out the door was effortless. Now I pray for peace and I get the right socks and shoes on 6 little feet and is like herding cattle to get all three out to the car. (Half the time I don't have the diaper bag.)

6. I was able to take pictures without thinking in 'themes' of layouts for scrapbook pages.
7. I was board on Saturdays when Darin had to work and would think to myself, "I wish I had a baby to play with and take shopping with and I would not have to be so alone." Now it is a treat just to get to grocery shop all alone.

8. Before the silence of an empty house drove me crazy and I did not enjoy being alone. Now.... well perspective is a funny thing.

9. I drove way too fast. At one point I had Deferred Adjudication in three different counties in North Texas. After I had kids I slowed way down.
10. I could not handle vomit at all and had the weakest stomach. Now I have on more than one occasion used my body as a human shield to keep a childs vomit from getting on my comforter or the carpet while rushing them to the bathroom.
11. I dreamed of vacations in Hawaii and exotic places with Darin. Now Disney World commercials make me tear up because I can't wait to see their reactions when we finally get to take them there.

12. Before I had kids I did not have a way to meet people as easily. My girlfriends all have kids the same age and we share a bond of surviving motherhood.

13. Holidays were not as fun. I get to make each holiday as big as I want them to be. Playing Santa and setting up Christmas morning is the best. Valentine's, Halloween, Easter Eggs give us a lot of left over candy to eat. Shopping for Halloween costumes and Easter outfits are a blast.

Planning the themes for birthday parties are fun each year.

12. Before I had kids Darin and I were a young married couple living together. Now we are a family bound together. Each one of our children are pieces of each one of us. Together we are creating a life and legacy and the bond between us was not as strong before we had kids.

Before the kids I did not have the love of a little boy that leaves me with the funniest stories to tell. No baseball player to cheer for and I get to wear the picture button on game day. I really can't wait to wear the sports t-shirt that says "Dalton's mom." Before the kids I did not have a mini me that wants to do everything I do and is my mirror image. I get to shop for the girly stuff I am too old to buy for myself or would have loved as a kid. I am loving getting to dress her up in her dance clothes each week. Before I had kids I did not have the kisses of a two year old. Before I had kids I was never welcomed home with the excitement that my kids meet me at the door with.


Jenny Helm said...

How sweet! I love it :)

Crystal said...

Funny, how becoming a mom changes EVERYTHING, including your thought processes. Very lovely. I love your top ten Fridays. I look forward to reading them.