Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Night Confessions

My friend Julie started "Not Me Mondays" on her blog. So I must give her credit first. I thought it would be funny to start a Sunday night confessions from a pastor's wife. I guess I will open the windows even more the glass house I live in. No, I really just want to make other mother's and wives sigh with relief that they are not the only one's who do some of these things or to let you know how I real I can be. I want to be reminded that in this world there are no perfect people. We are all flawed and struggling in our own way. That is why we are in need of a perfect savior who embraces are weakness and grows us into more than we ever thought we could be.

1. I think my girls went two days this week with out their teeth brushed. Darin had been doing bath time and forgot because Madie hid the tooth brushes that were in the tub and I did not do it in the morning because I thought he was doing it at bath time.

2. Last Sunday night I got Dalton all hyped up that his birthday was Monday morning to find out from Darin that I was a day off. His birthday is the 7th not the 6th. So we had to let him down that he had to wait one more day for his birthday.

3. In preparation for Easter and still running my Mary Kay my kids did not get one home cooked meal all week. They had sandwiches, hot dogs and bowls of cereal and chicken nuggets at lunch in the car. This week we are eating a lot healthier.

4. Monday I started reading Twilight again for the third time. I just can't find any other fiction I want to read after getting into this series. I am not ready to leave the world of Forks and am so hoping Stephanie Meyers finishes and publishes Midnight Sun. I am so high strung I have to read fiction at night to go to sleep.

5. Want to know the difference between my husband and me? We went to the cell phone place to adjust our plans since we are taking over his plan. I wanted to find out if I could cut my bill down by cutting my minutes and do a family share plan. The guys laughed at me when they shared our minutes usage. Last month my minute usage was over 2400 min and his was 400.
Yea imagine the conversations in my house.

6. I totally used facebook last week to solicit comments to my blog.

7. I realized over these last two weeks that I am way to attached to my best friend. She has been sick and in bed and I have been way to sad over not talking to her.

8. I struggle going to bed at night like a child and fight sleep trying to get every ounce out of the day but yet can not get up easily in the morning. I really do want to get up an hour before my kids do and do a quiet time.

9. Today my mom sent a chocolate cake home with us and my first thought was, "Great breakfast is covered for the week." ( Seriously I would not do that to Dalton's teacher. It would undo the fish oil he gets, but I thought it.)

10. Yes, I did dig through the kids Easter Eggs and pull all of the little packs of nerds out for me.


Foursons said...

My little boys NEVER get their teeth brushed on Friday and Saturday nights. Just seems like it should be a day off or something. (We don't brush in the mornings either- ever.)

My kids have had cake for breakfast, and it would NEVER last for an entire week. One day...maybe.

And I just eat what I want out of the Easter baskets, I don't even bother to ask. But, I also buy extra candy to make sure I have enough energy to get through stuffing all those eggs for the hunt.

Nocona said...

thanks makes me feel better

Crystal said...

My kid is not old enough yet for some of this but I can relate. I try really hard to bruch Nate's teeth every night. I am in total agreement with #5. I am so waiting on the Midnight Sun release!!! I did not get Nate an Easter basket this year...1) He is only two and still does not know about them yet and 2) If I did get him one...I WOULD BE THE ONE who will eat all the candy. Safe choice- No basket. LOL!!

I like this Sunday Night Confessions!!!! Goes along with your Friday Ten List. I LOVE IT!!