Monday, April 27, 2009

Dalton's 7th Birthday Party

Dalton's cool Yoda cake. My friend Heather Clark made it. It was Yummy! This was my first party that I paid to have somewhere else. We did it at the San Marcos Sun Set Lanes. It was the easiest party I have done. The kids had a blast. They each bowled under an alias Star Wars name. I had to have Darin type in the names for spelling. But you could tell the generation gap. There was no Luke Skywalker or Hans Solo. They were all Clone Wars characters and Anakin Skywalker is now a good guy they all want to be.

Dalton and his best buddy from school Nolan. Nolan lives around the corner from us and they are in the same class.

These pictures say it all. These three boys are partners in crime. Dalton and the Chinni boys, Nolan & Jakob.

Dalton and Parker his friend from church.


Foursons said...

OK, I know you had to have been totally frustrated with that posting! I love the pictures, the ones w/my boys are cute. I have a cute one of Jakob and Dalton in the dugout from this season I'll have to post to FB. I love doing parties at other places- it is so much less work! Totally worth every penny spent.

Crystal said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? Very cute pics.