Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 10 List I am that mom...

Easter pictures are coming and will be posted this weekend sometime. There is a lot going on right now in the Koenig house, not bad, just a time of transition. I was going to put a serious 10 list about some of it but what is the fun in that? My 10 list was meant to make people laugh. Motherhood especially needs to be laughed at. There are so many moments that you have to laugh or you might cry. I had dreams of what I thought motherhood would be and the type of mother I thought I would be someday. I have come the place that I realize it is an evolution process. My life, my circumstances, my children and God are forming me into the kind of mother that I am and the one I hope to be. But here are some of the things I I have come to embrace as the type of mother that I am...,
1. I love themes. Birthdays are the best and are all about the theme of the event and I go all out. You should have seen how cool Dalton's pirate party was last year. All my kids names follow a theme of ending of "on" Dalton, Brighton and Madison. I went back and forth on Madsion's name because it did not end in 'ton". If she had been a boy she was going to be a Colton or Stetson. If I had had twins they would have had rhyming names or names that started with the same letter. Yes I will admit it, I am that mother.
2. I love having two girls and dressing them alike. On Sundays I like us all to match in colors. In the back of my mind I plan Sunday wardrobes as if we took a family picture we would all match. I tell myself that it is because it makes laundry easier but it goes back to my need for matching, color coordinating and themes. I admit it. I am that mom.

3. I have surprised myself that I am not the mom that is up at the school all the time. I am not the room mom and volunteer at school. I am not on the PTA and have not been able to make it to a single school party this year. I am not bragging about this. Maybe it is due to life being crazy right now. Or because the years of teaching school are not a distant enough memory and that it all come rushing back when I step into the doors of the school. I also think that for the first time in my life I was not on the inner workings of running things. Like when I taught school or have run the kids programs at church. I can simply drop my child off, know that he is happy and safe and go on about my way. Dalton is in a fabulous school and has a wonderful teacher. My girlfriends send me pictures they have taken at the parties.

4. I am not the mom that bakes. My kids think cutting apart the cookie squares of cookie dough and putting it in the over is baking cookies. Store bought treats for things are not a problem with this mom.

5. I am the mom who has convinced my daughters that pink is the only color that matters. As Brighton would say, "All dose odder colos are ugly." They think putting in a matching bow for their hair is part of getting dressed I have taught them that you can never have too many shoes and lip gloss is a must.

6. I am mom that loves Super Heros. I am the one that wants to take Dalton to all of the comic book movies that are released, Spider Man, Iron Man and Xmen. I love Star Wars and enjoy watching the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network with Dalton. Before I had kids I took my nephews to one of the Xmen movies when it came out. I can be a mom for boys too.

7. I am that mom that can't let things go. My kids wish I would and I have tired to stay calm about the messes they make. But I hate to admit it I am a mom that yells and wants things picked up at night. If my kids would just get that putting one thing away before they get something else out would make for a happier mom that yells a lot less life would be easier for all of us.

8. I am that mom that loves to be known as Dalton's mom. It was the coolest thing when I had them that I was somebody's mom. I love it when people see Brighton and say, "I know who you belong to." Or they see Madie's sweet smile and curly hair and ask me if she is mine. I am a mom that loves when people gawk at my kids when we walk into place and tell me how beautiful they are.

9. I came to realize that I am a working mom. I am not a stay at home mom. I am a mom that works from home. Mary Kay has exploded to such a level that I had to give myself grace that I am a working mom and I need help. Just like when Dalton was a baby and I was still teaching. I am a working mom with two more kids and a bigger house to clean. I had to break down and hire a house keeper for help.

10. I am a fun mom. I may not like playing board games with my kids. But I love to dance around the living room with them to music. Playing chase and wrestling are the best. I hate play dates and story time at the library is stressful for me. But I love to laugh with them. I love to play Wii with Dalton and beauty shop with the girls. I love to take them to experience new things and see things through there eyes. I don't think I will ever enjoy doing crafts with them because all I see is the mess that I am going to have to clean up. But I can make a tent and project movies on the wall.

11. I am a mom that loves their daddy and they know it. They squeal when we kiss and try to stand between us. The other morning in bed Madie was with us and she was saying kiss and would kiss each of us. Then she said "Kiss" and pushed our heads together.
12. I am a mom that loves Jesus and wants them to love him too. I have come to realize that it is worth getting up an hour before they do to spend time in the bible and prayer. As much as I have rebelled against this I am a better mom on the days I do this.
I am not a perfect mom, I am a work in progress. I am a mom a that struggles with perfectionism and getting overwhelmed easily. I am a mom that is still adjusting to having three kids. But, I love my kids and am learning to take it one day at a time.

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Foursons said...

I am that mom who is a nuisance to her kid's teachers and emails them constantly to know what is going on in the classroom. I have done it w/all 4 of them. If I could be a fly on the wall, I'd make it my profession to watch their classrooms all day, every day.