Monday, March 2, 2009

Slave to Christ

The other day I was doing my bible study and Donna was dancing on my toes. She was talking about the things we are a slave to and how we should only be a slave to Jesus Christ. He is the a good master who only has our best interests at heart. All the other things we shackle ourselves to like worry, stress, money, ect. are really only making us a slave to the enemy. There is no standing still, no middle ground where God is concerned. You are either moving closer to Him or further from Him. This concept hit me so close to home. I am a slave to people pleasing and approval. There are times when I am walking closely to the Lord that this "thorn" is kept in check. This is my first sign that I am slipping in my walk when I start picking up this burden and struggling with it. God showed me an image in my study of Satan merely offering me the chains of "shame" and "approval addiction" and me willingly accept them, and putting on the shackles. I put up no fight. I buy into every lie the enemy feeds my mind as fact and then I act upon it. It is also tied to my diet and my lack of sleep. When I am so worn down I am an easy target for his attack and being out of the Word I have nothing to combat it with. So I am taking a different approach to this struggle. I feel like the apostle Paul when he asked the Lord to remove the "thorn in his flesh". I have let the fact that I even struggle with this thorn cause me shame. Instead of trying to "fix" myself or discover the reason why, when this "thorn" raises its ugly head I need to just pray through it. I must keep myself "chained" to the cross and reject the idea the devil presents to my mind. In Mary Kay we have what we call a daily BATH. B-is a booking a day, A-is saying our affirmations to ourselves to cleanse and focus our minds. Most of mine are already scripture based along with my goals. T-Turn off the TV and listen to a positive CD. H-Hook in. Calling our director and checking the hot line message. This can apply to my spiritual life. Everyday speak the word of God over yourself and speak your affirmations about who you are in Christ. This sounds cheesy to do, and at first I felt stupid saying it out loud. But again the enemy wants us to feel this way. The bible says that life and death are in the tongue. Speak life over yourself. Turn off the T.V. and read your bible every day. Hook in with other believers in Christ. Join a bible study, have christian friends and go to church. I am feeling freedom even as I write this.

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Foursons said...

Wow, great analogy. I could visualize your thought-process.