Monday, March 23, 2009

Charms For Julie

Today I wanted to give Julie a couple of virtual charms for her bracelet.
This one is for being my absolute BFF for the last two years.
This one is in honor of her broken foot a year ago and two foot surgeries. When I saw the crutches I had to give
them to her.

This last one is for her Faith. Julie has survived a terrible year and a half. After breaking her leg at Christmas, at Easter she lost her mother-in-law and two weeks later her father suddenly. In the middle of the emotions of her father being in ICU, Julie did one of the bravest things I have ever seen a friend do. She witnessed to her father and led him to the Lord. She got to experience one of the biggest blessings as a Christian that Christ lets us participate in. She has faced this year so bravely and dealt with her grief with Christ as her anchor and her faith as her shield. She has not let life harden her heart and she has let these tough experiences grow and stretch her.
Julie, I am so proud of you, and all that you have allowed God to do in your life. I pray that this next year will be a time of blessings on you, your house, your health, and the lives of your family. May you have a double blessing of all the enemy has taken from you. May salvation reign down on every person in your family. I pray that the spirit of the living God dwells in the walls of your house, so that every member of your family would feel it. That every time it is shown people would feel it too, they may not understand it but they would be drawn to it. I pray you feel peace as you endure the process of selling it and that the timing would be the Lords. May you feel the Lord close to you through all of this. May His Grace and Mercy reign down on your soul and His Love heal every wound and waters every dry and weary space. To God be the Glory for all that he has done and will continue to do in you and through you.


Foursons said...

Wow. You've left me speechless. Thanks. By the way, love the crutches!

Nocona said...

I knew you would.