Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday 10 List 10 things that make life easier....

I wanted to do a non-serious 10 list this week and something I think many people could comment on and identify with. My list today is the top 10 things that make life a lot easier as a wife, & mom & busness woman, that my mom may not have had when she was raising kids. These are in no particular order.

1. Clorox Wipe

2. Swiffer Wet Jet- It never fails that I have just mopped the floor and something gets spilled. Now I can just hit that spot.

3. Cell Phone- How did we survive with out them. Especially with kids going every different direction.

4. My IPhone- Answering the phone, checking my e-mail, facebook, text messages, process a Mary Kay order, send and order, process a credit card, check my monthly production for Mary Kay, listen to music all while running on the treadmill.

5. Disposible Diapers- How and why would anyone use cloth diapers I don't know. The stinch of the dreaded diaper pale from when my brother was little still lingers in my mind.

6. The internet- You have everything at the touch of your fingers and it makes running a busness so much easier.

7. Portable DVD players- Makes long trips easier with kids or just needing to run errans and keep kids happy in the car.

8. DVRs- I don't have to chose which show I watch or have to be home not to miss the new Episode of House.

9. Itunes- Now I don't have to buy the entire CD, I can just to get the one song that I want.

10. Pay at the Pump Gas- A mom can fill up her car with out dragging all the kids into the convience store to pay for the gas or have her husband fill it up the night before.


Foursons said...

- Small trashcans and small trashbags for when 3 boys throw-up in the car at the same time. Oh, and to put all that trash in from the fast food line.

- Baby wipes, not just for babies bottoms anymore!

Margaret said...

I am missing having an automatic dishwasher and garbage disposal right now.

Nocona said...

yea those are a must have!