Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top Ten- Prayer & Praises

I have not done my top 10 in the last few weeks because I have been so busy. So I am doing it late this week. Darin and I were in San Antonio for a Pastor's Conference. It was a lot better than I thought it would be and we were blessed. I was inspired and convicted that I needed to be in prayer more. So my list this week is my current prayer & praise list.

1. When God closes a door he leads us to a new place. When the Journey Church was coming to an end God was leading us to a new place and there was never a time that we were left in limbo with no direction.

2. God brought John and Laurie Minton into our lives knowing that we would need them. God provided an armor barrier for Darin in John. He has totally had Darin's back through this transition and walked with him. Laurie is an encourager and comfort to me and has become a great and supportive friend through this process.

3. My other new friend Terry and her husband Sterling. They have lived down the road from us for two years and it took going to church in San Marcos to meet. Sterling drove us for girls night this last Saturday night in his limo. Terry has fit right in with our ladies bible study.

4. My awesome husband who lets me run my Mary Kay, and go with the girls with out ever complaining. He also does what it takes for our family while even driving for Dominoes.

5. Going on target last month for my Mary Kay free car. Having my best month yet in Mary Kay and getting my first big commission check from the company.

1. My prayer life- Discipline & inspiration to keep on top of it.
2. Forgiveness- I have some people in my life that need to forgive. None of these situations are offering a situation for me to go to bring resolution by talking to them. It is a struggle to just submit it and move on.
3. My Business. Going into production for my Mary Kay car is a step of faith for me and my month has started slow. I need a jump start to my sales for the month and I need team members for this month. I want more women like my Julie and Kristen who joined in February and have set the world on fire this last month.
4. Our finances- being more disciplined about spending and getting out of debt., where are areas that we cut and the discipline to follow through.
5. Our schedules- with Darin working two jobs, my business picking up and the demands of the house as we juggle it all.
6. My patience with the kids. Three very different personalities that are all wanting my attention.
7. Discipline in my diet and exersize program.


Foursons said...

Awesome to focus on the positive aspects in life and not nit-pick all the things that can and do go wrong!

Crystal said...

WOW! I can relate to some of those prayers and praises!! You are an amazing woman. Don't forget that and that we are all HUMAN. Very strong in your will and determination!