Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Girls

I love being a girl. I love pink, I love jewelry and everything about dressing up. When I found out I was having a girl when I was pregnant with Brighton I was so excited. It was another exucuse to buy and decorate the house pink. Then I cried when I found out Madison was a girl. I was so worried when I had a boy first that I would never get a girl. Now I have not one girl but two.
Brighton has been a girly girl since day one. She is prissy down to the way she sleeps. At bed time she has to hold her two pink Satin pillow cases and be covered up with her pink satin blanket with the satin side touching her. She flits around the house in her magical little world talking to her playmates that she has made up, Cinderella and Sleeping beauty. She loves jewelry, make up and everything fancy. Pink has been her favorite color since she could say it, and pink, purple, yellow and white are the only colors she would use from the color box. As she put it, "All dose odder colos awe ugly." Her new favorite song that she wants to hear every time she gets in the car is Taylor Swift's "Love Story" which she calls "Romeo & Juliet". She is a little prissy princess.
So when we brought this new little girl home I braced myself for a tom boy. I was prepared for them to be complete opposites, and that would be ok. But as soon as Madison could walk she was always inching her little foot into my shoes. She gets into my make up constantly and always wants to have a hat on. She loves boas, gloves, heals and big hats. When we leave the house she has a purse on her arm and a baby in the other. Brighton never cuddled and played with her babies like Madie does. At night while I am blow drying Brighton's hair I will send Madie to "put the babies to bed." She toddels around the room picking up the babies and putting each of them in one of the little baby beds, giving each one a kiss and covering them up. Her bed at night is full of her favorite stuffed animals. But her favorite is Elle her soft hot pink stuffed animal. When fixing her little curls she will pat her head and demand,"Bow." The other day when I was getting Brighton ready for ballet Madie went to get her self ready and came down stairs in her purple tutu and black hat with a hot pink purse over one arm and cell phone in hand. She loves babies and can't keep from hugging and kissing them when they are around. I don't know how I got it but I have two girly, prissy little girls and it is going to be so much fun getting to experience each stage of life them.

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Foursons said...

I love that picture of Maddie in the purple tutu w/the glasses and cellphone. I know she was dead-serious about that outfit and how beautiful she looked. She was ready to go out on the town!