Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 10 List- My Unanswered Questions as a Wife and Mother

For my Friday 10 list it will come from my questions that I come across in my daily routine as a wife and mother that still remain unanswered.

1. How does a little girl who is not yet two leave a path of destruction so big and so quickly?

2. Where would a two year old get water to play tea party by herself? (This happened the other day and you can only guess where I discovered the water was from.)

3. Where do all the socks go that leave a single alone that fill my basket never to be paired again? Why can't I seem to throw away these socks, hanging in to the hope that the other will some how reappear?

4. How do my husband and I have such different ideas of a clean kitchen?

5. How can all three of my kids be the same in so many ways but yet so different and unique at the same time?

6. How can I do a day full of laundry only to walk in to the bathroom to my bathroom to find a full hamper? How does it multiply?

8. How can my kids have a room full of toys and games, every movie they love and each other to play with but yet still complain of being board?

9. How can my kids forget the things I tell them over and over to do like putting their shoes away and yet remember every word to the Free Credit Report. Com commercials? (Dalton also told his sister the other day, "My butt just hung upon you." and Brighton yelled out the window, "It's my money and I need it now."

10. How can three tiny little beautiful children make their bathroom the nastiest room in the house?

11. What is the fascination with the bathroom anyway? (It is the room I am always trying to keep Madie from playing in.)

These are my way of making light of the daily struggles of being a wife and mommy at this stage of life with three under the age of 7. I am trying to see the daily blessing through the frustration of the needs of three little ones. I know these days are fleeting. I know that my kids are a wonderful blessing. They are beautiful, funny, and have strong personalities. I have a wonderful husband who I am thankful that actually tries to clean the kitchen while I am at my Mary Kay meetings each Tuesday night, so that is clean for my Wednesday morning ladies bible study. Laughing is what gets me through the hard days.


Melanie said...

Love this, Nocona! Same questions here :)

Foursons said...

How come they are always S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G 5 minutes before bedtime?

Why do they wake up early on mornings when there is no where to go, but on mornings when they have to get up I am dragging them out of bed?

Nocona said...

Amen to those.