Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If you can't say somthin nice......

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Phillipians 4:8If you can't say somthin' nice then don't say thin' at all

I started this new bible study with the ladies from my church two weeks ago, Becoming the Woman you Want to Be, by Donna Partow. I have been meaning to keep my thoughts about it on my blog like my friend Julie is doing, but I have not been as good at it as she has. Today's lesson (actually should have been yesterday's lesson because I am behind.) was a great lesson. It talked about how we as women (I think men too) foccus on the negative. We talk so bad to ourselves in the attitude of "humbleness". We foccus our attention on all that is wrong in our lives, wrong with our bodies and wrong with others. I am guilty of this. I look at pictures of myself or just in the mirror and I start to see all that is wrong with me. When someone compliments my kids weather it be how good they are acting or how cute they are, I feel the need to let them know what devils they are. I should just say thank you. My kids hear me say that and the more I foccus on their negative behavior I miss the good stuff about them. One thing I have tried to do in my marriage is think about the wonderful things I love about Darin. Because there have been times I can mentally work up a case against him by the time he gets home I am ready to unload and he is blindsided by it. What started from him not putting his breakfast dishes in the sink ends with an evaluation of everything he has done to irritate me for the last six month and everything his mama has done to make me mad over the years. (Don't judge me I know I am not the only woman who does that.) They say, What we think about we bring about. Our attitude is a choice. We can change how we physically feel, emotionally feel and how we see the world. You can't always just chose to be in a good mood and be in one. I have tried and it only put me in a worse one. But you can choose to work on it. Take a walk, get more sleep and feed your mind positive things. I had to stop listening to am radio. I thought it made me more informed and intelligent if I listened to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glen Beck every day in the car. I may agree with everything they are saying but it would fire me up and get my upset and there was not anything I could do about it. It is a daily thing. Breathe in and breath out.

So after today's lesson my list of things I am going to change:

1. Get a grip on my thoughts and capture bad ones in mid thought

2. Look for ways to praise people every day.

3. Speak well of my kids and compliment them more.

4. Not call Julie every time I need to "vent" about every little thing that ticks me off

5. Laugh more. Find humor in the irritating things of life.

6. Feed my mind scripture and positive books.

7. Eat better, exersise and pray more

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Foursons said...

Ok, if you aren't gonna call me every single time you need to vent you better still call me! I am working on my perfectionism-complex. Don't think that's a real thing, but we all know how I need to have things perfect! How dare I even try to make my surroundings compare to the one and only perfect being! I think I will be blogging on that very fact tomorrow, I just ran out of time today!