Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to the Friday 10 list

I have missed the last two Friday's for my 10 list. One Friday I was sick and in bed and the next I guess I just forgot. But today's list is in honor of Valentine's Day. I am going to put mine and Darin's top 10 songs. We have more than one song that is "our song". So here it goes...

1. If You Could See What I See- Geoff Moore & the Distance (What Christian couple from the 90's did not have this as their song?) This is the one Kyle got to partially sing at our wedding because the sound guy screwed up the tape.

2. Grow Old Along with Me- Mary Chapin Carpenter. This song is the one I sang to Darin over our unity candle.

3. I'll Stand By You- The Pretenders. This song came out when Darin and I were dating and was my song to him.

4. Dust on the Bottle-David Lee Murphy. Brings back memories of driving around Belton when we were dating and early married.

5. Baby Blue- George Strait. This is because we had to have a George Strait song and it was his to me. Plus his truck is baby blue and that was the first thing I saw when we met on our blind date. I would look out my bedroom window on Friday's waiting for him to come home from college and run down stairs when it appeared in the driveway.

6. Your Still the One- Shania Twain. It is our story. We got married young and when I first heard it I knew the words were going to be our story.

7. Only Hope- Switchfoot. If I would have had a dance at my wedding this is the one I would have wanted to be our 1st dance.

8. Me & You- Kenny Chessnie. This song had just come out when we were dating. On our honeymoon we went to the Wild Horse Saloon. (A dance show that use to be featured on CMT. We were actually interviewed on it because we were on our Honeymoon.) He was a guest that night promoting that song.

9. Love of A Life Time- Fire House. This one because we had to have a big hair 80's band in the list so Darin had some representation.

10. I'll Be- Edwin McCain- I just love the words of this song and it is a song from Darin to me.


Foursons said...

I can never think of song titles, much less the person who sings them. All I know are some random chorus' here and there.

Nocona said...

Julie I looked them up on my ipod. I did not know all of them either.