Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thoughts While Waiting for a Table on Valentine's Day

Darin and I booked a hotel and went to San Antonio for the night of Valentine's Day. I was really excited to be in the car talking to him with our putting out a fight and being interupted by our children. We got dressed up for our night out and headed over to JAlexanders in San Antonio. It was weird to be going out at 7:30 at night on a Saturday night. Our Saturday nights usually end early. We got there and there was a 2 and half hour wait for the table. It was crowded and we knew to expect this. I was happy to wait because we were out on the town unattached. There was no child to keep a constant eye on or entertain and no one needing to go potty. So we finally settled in to an available space as we waited and I settled into "people watch". Here are some of my thoughts.

1. Darin and I need to get dressed up more often because he was looking FINE and I was having fun wearing heals that I could not chase a two year old in.
2. Darin is up on the current dress up treands of todays male. He was dress like every guy there. The attire for guys 35 and younger was wild button down shirts, cut slim, pressed but untucked. Worn with dark wash jeans and black slick dress shoes. It is funny how they all had on the same uniform for a night out.
3. When did women quict wearing pantyhose? This is not what I find at my Mary Kay events. There was lots of cleevage, short skirts and high, high heals with no hose. It worked for most but some not so much.
4. I want to be a treandy mom that is up on the current fashions for teen girls when my two girls are teens. But I am not sure I want them wearing out what some of the girls were wearing out with boys.
5. The next thought is that I am not ready to have children old enough to date.
6. When did men quit being gentlemen and offer their seat to a lady when there were ladies being forced to stand? When we finally got to sit down in the waiting area I was so proud of Darin who twice gave up his seat for two ladies having to stand. Darin will train Dalton to do that as he grows. I was impressed when one young man thanked Darin for allowing his date to take his seat. Chivalry is not totally dead but things sure have changed. (I must also add I booked her for a Mary Kay facial and gave her a catalog to look at during her wait.)

Our meal was over priced, the wait was long but I loved every minute of it. I am enjoying dating Darin again. It was fun to do what we usually don't do and be out on Valentine's night.


Foursons said...

Pantyhose are disgusting and feel awful. I actually look at woman who have them on as weird. Self-tanner looks much better and is far more comfortable. Tights and leggings...OK, but pantyhose, YUCK!

Nocona said...

I like Pantyhose. If it is a good kind that fit right and are the right color. It is profesional. But maybe that is my MK brainwashing. :0