Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Is it Thusday already?!! Man this week has flown by.  I getting ready for a trip to Dallas tomorrow and Saturday.  I am so thankful for career conference.  I get to be around all of my Mary Kay friends and I love it!  I love what I get to do! Speaking of that I have a huge praise! I beat my own record of my highest class.  It was over $1,000!  Thank you to my sister-in-law Jenny for being my hostess!  It was a blast and it was the first day of my work week.  So I started the week off at $1000 in sales and am at $1200 already!(50% of it is my profit.)  I am also thankful for my family that helps me with keeping my three kids.  I have had some major adjustments to Darin's schedule being so crazy and unpredictable.  I am thankful for the awesome girls that babysit.  I have a list of 4 that my kids all love!  I am thankful for revelation.  I feel like I am in such a state of learning right now.  Through my bible study and some books that I am reading.  Through this journey with Mary Kay right now too.  I am learning new truths about myself and overcoming things that I have struggled with all of my life.  I am learning to embrace self-discipline and the freedom it is actually bringing me.  God is so good to bring us into a closer walk with him and a higher place of living and he does it with such grace and love.  Today I get to go be a hair model for my hairdresser, who is trying to change salons.  I am getting a free haircut and color.  I am so excited because she has to show what she can do so I am getting a fancy cut and funky highlights and color. 
Lastly I am thinkful for my sweet thoughtful husband.  He really loves to show his love for me through gifts.  Last week he worked a crazy work week with a lot of crazy hours.  He worked Friday night until midnight.  At 12:30 I got a text that said I am bringing you a present.  I thought,"Please don't let it be food."  I was not hungry and I did not need a late night fatty snacks.  When he got home he woke me up by tossing a small flat box on me in the dark.  I woke up and turned on the light I saw that he had stopped at Walmart after he had gotten off work to pick up one of the first copies of New Moon the ultimate fan edition.  He had researched his phone to find out the one that had the most extras on it.  He pointed out as I opened it up, "this is the one with footage about shooting Eclipse and all the background of making the movie."  I love this man! He is so thoughtful and thinks of the details.  I mean he does not make fun of my Twilight addiction.  He knows enough about the books to even know that Eclipse is being shot right now and it my favorite of all 4 books.  He really rocks. 

I was in my car yesterday and it just hit me how blessed I am.

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