Friday, March 12, 2010

Feature Friday- Stevie

Today I am featuring my other handsome brother, Stevie.  I love that even as an adult he has not gone to being called Steve because that is my dad.  He is and will always be Stevie.  He is the middle child of the three of us and is the peacemaker of the family.  The smart, always even, logical and the most like my dad.  He often plays the peacemaker role between my youngest brother and me because we are both too much alike.  Stevie is a phamacist and I love that he is into holistic methods with diet and vitamin supplements.  I am so proud that he and his wife just recently paid off over 100,000 of debt in a little less than three years. He is so focused and driven.  Most of it was both of their school debt and they attacked it and were done with it before they bought a house, a new car or went on a fancy vacation.   He is also a deacon at his church.  I think he was one of the youngest men they ordained at MBC.  Steive is also a huge Aggie.  He was in the Aggie band all 4 years at A&M.  He was a Ross Volunteer too.  To all of you non Aggie's that is a huge honor.  He got to go to the Inauguration of President Bush when he was elected into office. 
Stevie has one of the most giving hearts and is so thoughtful.  He totally spoils his wife and does things that most husbands would not do.  Once Jenny was entered into a hostess contest with a Mary Kay event I was involved in.  The contest prize was a $500 gift card to Nordstorms.  But, you had to be present at the Mary Kay event and fashion show at Nordstoms to win.  Jenny had to work that night so he came in her place in case she won. He came  to this Mary Kay event being one of the only men there and was a great sport about it.  Neither Jenny or I won the drawing and two weeks later for our birthdays we both got $100 gift cards to Nordstorms that he went and bought that night after I left the event. 
Stevie was at every one of my children's birth and he had a job.  He made the food run after I had each of them.  I love sonic hamburgers, so he would find the closest Sonic and run and get me my burger each time.  When Brighton my second child was born he took care of Dalton while I was in labor and afterwards even went to the store for me to get my prescriptions filled and things I needed.  When I got pregnant with Madison he brought me a goodie bag from his pharmacy.  He got me bellybars, gingerroot and prenatal vitamins.  He is usually taking pictures at all of my kids birthday parties.   My kids love hanging out with him because he is so silly and fun.  Both of my brothers are the most fun uncles! When I found out my first child was a boy I have to admit that I was disappointed.  I wanted a girl so bad and I did not know how cute a little boy would be.  (I know very stupid.)  But then I remembered what a beautiful baby Stevie was.  He was the prettiest baby with big blue eyes and round cheeks.  I should have stopped by my mom's house so I had a picture to post of him as a baby.  But I thought, if my little boy looks like Stevie I will have the prettiest baby boy.  Stevie is so funny and has the best laugh.  It has not changed since he was two years old.  Those of you reading this that know him can hear it in your head right now.  It is just a Stevie laugh.  Stevie also has asthma.  Growing up we would judge how funny something was by if Stevie has to pull out his inhaler because he got so tickled. To know Stevie is to love him.   So this is my little brother Stevie, one of my favorite people to be around.

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Last but not lease is todays Challenge of the 21 day challenge.  Day 17

todays challenge:

Write a goodbye letter to someone or something that needs to go from your life.

It's not necessarily a letter to be shared or sent,

but written only to release your heart from the pain and hold it has on you.

Maybe even find a symbolic way to destroy the letter after it's been written.

Find a way to let it go.

Man I did this back in January and I felt so good about it.  I wrote a letter to tell 2008 goodbye and it was so good for me.  Just getting closure was so worth it. 


Crystal said...

Yes. To know Stevie, is to love him. He is a Godly man. Very funny and thoughtful. My husband and I are blessed to call him FRIEND.

Momma Such said...

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You have such a cute blog background. :)

Have a great weekend!

Brandi said...

Here from Follow Friday. You have a beautiful blog and it sounds as if you have as beautiful a brother! Love the Mario pic!

Nocona said...

Ha ha I just noticed that in the picture Stevie is helping my son do scratch offs. That is great the deacon teaching the preacher's kid about gambling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!
Following you back from FF..have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

That Mary Kay story is the sweetest thing ever!

Came over from Friday Follow.

Freely Living Life said...


We are already followers of your blog but wanted to stop by to check out what was new and to say hi! Hope everything is going well for you. Have a fabulous day! <3