Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 10- Patience

Day 10:

todays challenge:

We're almost half way there!!!

And with 11 more days to go, we definitely need to be working on patience.

Let today's focus be on just that.

Lots of deep breaths.



Notice that I said practice patience.  I am not saying praying for it. (Old joke about praying for patience.)  Another way to say it is to practice keeping your peace.  I read a Joyce Meyers book a couple of years about about ways to keep your peace.  It is a discipline to practice.  Not one I always succeed at but one that I keep striving for.  Just being concious of it is a lot of the battle.  Thank you all for you comments.  This 21 day challenge has been a fun one to blog about.  I am super excited to have reached 50 followers.  I can't wait to have 50 more.  It is more friends! 


Melissa said...

I'm too impatient... my family calls me "Microwave Melissa" because of it!

Pennie said...

Just remember - true patience is a fruit of the Spirit - you can't muster it up on your only comes about by getting a closer relationship with Jesus! :) So, focus on your prayer life and Bible reading, and you'll notice that in time you'll become more patient. :)