Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We did It!

We did it, we did it! Yea we did it! To borrow from Dora.  Monday night (one day early) my team and I finished the qualifications from Mary Kay to become our own unit!  It was awesome! The last two consultants placed their orders to complete the requirements of $18,000 wholesale in a 4 month period.  This is something I have deemed of and wanted for over 13 years! It was something I was afraid to try and in the back of my mind wondered if I had what it took to make it through the process. It means tripling my income from what I am making now.  It is the making it to the top 2 percent of the company. I can now go on target for that beautiful pink Cadillac.  It means I get to order my suit and wear it at all the events.  I have a unit that I get to train, and teach.  It is a lot of recognition at company events.  Personally it breaths life into my self confidence that I saw something through to completion and did it!  I did not get up when the going got tough and things looked like they were not going to happen.  This is the suit I get to order as soon as Mary Kay calls and gives me my unit number.
I am my Director Teresa's 1st off spring unit! She is like another Mom to me and to get to make her a Sr. Director is the coolest thing.
This time last year I was at an all time low.  We were out of ministry because we closed the doors on our church and the church we went to work for could not longer pay Darin a salary.  With very little notice we moved out of our home and moved in with my parents.  I had fallen out of qualifications for directorship due to all of the sudden changes.  Living with my parents was not the ideal situation and strained my relationship with my mother.  I felt lost, defeated, lonely and trapped.  Darin was depressed and has no idea what his next step would be.  I felt like I did not belong anywhere and was ashamed.  I got on antidepressants to just help me deal with my current reality. By October Darin got a job with Whataburger and we moved into our own home.  We started on the slow journey back to get back on our feet.  It has not been an easy journey and has taken a lot of hard work but the reality hit me of how life has changed.  Now one year later we are in a church that we love.  We have always served in churches but being a part of Manchaca Baptist church is the church I always wanted to a part of or one like it.  Here I am surrounded by people I love! My best girlfriends in the world all go to church with me.  The people teaching my children also knew me when I was a teenager.  I am apart of the community that I live in. Coming home to the town I was raised in has been healing.  I no longer feel like an outsider looking in trying to build community with people around me.  I finally feel like a belong and am loved. I am back in a size 8! I took the bull by the horns and got my pregnancy weight off my body.  From a 14 to an 8 and working towards a 6! I took myself off the antidepressants.  Life has been steadily getting back on track but very hard these past few months.  Whataburger has been a hard test as Darin work long hours at a store towards proving himself ready to take over his own store and waiting for one to come open.  After finding out that I had made director, Darin got a call that he has his interview tomorrow to take over his own store and be a General Manager for Whataburger.  His salary will double and his bonuses will triple the same month my bonus percentages triple!  God is so faithful! His blessing is abundant. Never late and always on time.  I laugh when I think about how tightly I held on to old dreams and what I thought I wanted for my life.  I begged God to not move us again this last time.  I was frustrated when life began to transition.  Wow my life is completely different that it was one year ago and what a year it was. 


Crystal said...

I know what you mean. One year ago, it was all different for us too. God is just amazing, huh? He has the bigger picture and this last year was another testimony of His love, grace and teachings!! I can so relate to this story and I am soooooo PROUD of you. God is GREAT and only through Him, all this was and is possible. He has so much more planned for you and your family. I can feel it. What a huge blessing. I LOVE YOU, my sister in Christ!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So excited for you...I love a happy ending and a dream come true

Jill said...

Girl you are so inspiring! I loved ready this post and am so proud of you AND Darin! I pray that God will continue to bless you and your ya!

Valery said...

I came across your blog and just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss. I have woken up this morning having a feeling of depression and feeling bad in my own skin due to being over weight so it was nice to read your post. Ive always wanted to sell Mary Kay just to much for the start up. Congrats again